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Courtney's Angel   

 (A True Story)


I was working in a cafť tending to the bakery and restaurant at the age of 19 called Flamingo cafť. I did not know that when I went to work this particular week that I would be laid off from my job and out of food money for the month; additionally, I never imagined that I would encounter one of Godís angels that visited me and watched me daily from behind his newspaper and in the private company of his coffee every morning. Please note that at this time in my life, I was seeking the unknown God and hoping in my heart to be lead to a church. I was spiritual, depressed, alone, and seeking a God in my mind and heart but did not know that Jesus would find me, first. I was reading the bible alone in my studio apartment with lit candles and a broken heart. But, low and behold, when I was working behind a counter and covered by an apron, one day I was approached by the older man with white hair, a partially bald head, rosy flushed cheeks and eyes light blue. His face was a chubby round shape and his eyes were so light that they almost looked like the eyes of an albino. Apparently, Godís angel was observing my every move and listening to my conversations on a daily basis for many months, without my acknowledgment; I learned after the fact, that he was studying me as if I was Godís experiment and his personal assignment. To understand my encounter with an angel, it is important to know a little history of my past life and experiences.

So, at this particular time in my life, I was a lost soul. I had lost my dad to alcoholism at the age of 9, my mother abandoned me for a time and attempted to commit suicide when I was in high school, and I was raised in a dysfunctional home born into a family that was divorced, broken and mentally abusive. So, when I carried all this pain and loneliness in my mind and heart, this is why I was secretly seeking the unknown about heaven and God; so, in dealing with issues of abandonment, I experimented with drugs, sexuality, and the temptations of this world. I never desired sin but I just fell into Satanís trap and was lead down the wrong road by the black sheep called peer pressure and a lack of parents to raise me. I did not lie, cheat or steal since birth, but I was dragged into sin of the world. Since I did not have parents to be a Shepard and lead me in the right direction, I was diverted off of Godís Holy pathway. When I sat alone in my room surrounded by candles and a bible, I did not expect to be approached by Godís Holy angel. It all happened my last week before I was laid off from work.

One day, this stranger of a man did more than order coffee and sit behind his newspaper each morning by the same window table. He approached me, asked me to come outside, and he told me, "I know that you will not believe me when I tell you this, but I am an angel of God. I am Godís messenger and I was assigned to you in your life to protect you and lead you to Jesus. I am supposed to stop you from living your life in sin. I am supposed to pull you away from living the life of this world, full of sin, darkness and disobedience." He handed me a letter that was long and written in back cursive that was at least 7 pages long. He began to prophesy and tell me not to go on these two dates with boys that I had arranged that particular weekend. He went on to warn me about sexuality, Godís desire for me to live a clean and sinless life and to stay away from men, alcohol and the temptations of this world. He spoke about heaven and hell. After he was done, he tried at least three times to hand me 50 dollars. I refused and politely rejected his offer. After all, I was a giver, not a taker. I was embarrassed to accept such a gift. He managed to secretly sneak the money into my apron pocket and told me that I will need this money. After this incident, he left, disappeared and I never saw him ever again. The very next day after he gave me the money and the letter, I was laid off from my job. The company was going out of business and Godís Holy angel prophesied about the dangers of this world and about me loosing my job. If I did not accept his money, I would have starved for that month.

After this experience, I realized after my first encounter with my guardian angel that if it were not for his help and Godís divine message, I would not have been baptized, and I would not have been saved as a new born Christian who had received Godís forgiveness and mercy. From that day forward, I found a church of my own for the first time in my life, I quit sex, drugs and alcohol and I met Jesus for the first time. I could have ended up dead or in hell if it were not for Godís Holy angel that was personally delivered to me by the hands of God, in the name of Jesus. I thank you, Jesus, for saving my soul and for protecting me under the shelter of your wings and the help of my assigned angel. Hallelujah!



Courtney Elizabeth Maas

     Second Angel Story


I am now 39 and my first encounter with an angel was the age 19;
My second encounter was around the age 34.  I was on my way coming out of AAA car insurance office after paying my bill; when I entered the parking lot, a old man in a red cherokee jeep slowed down his car, approached us thru his window while partially stopped, and yelled out to my preacher the boyfriend out of the blue "hey, you better hold onto her, do not let this one go.  She is a good one, very special.  You better be good to her."  I broke up with this boyfriend about 5 months after.  The boyfriend asked," oh, what is your name? where are you from? The old man stopped his car while I ran in to get him a map for his trip to Texas. Keep in mind I was leaving the AAA insurance office when we were approached by this old man.  My boyfriend asked him after I returned with a map in my hand, " do you believe in God?"  He smiled, chuckled under his breath and said , as he looked up and pointed to the heavens; "oh yes, I am not from this place.  I am from up above.  He pointed up toward the sky with his eyes and finger." I am just passing through."  Have a nice day. I felt in my spirit the first moment that I met this man that he was a man of God and was not from this world.  I felt in his eyes that he was a heavenly being, and not from this world.





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