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Eleanor's Journal


The Glory of God

A child of God is a branch of God. And can be called a branch of the Tree of Life.

Altogether, the children of God…..are the Tree of Life.

The unending mission of every child of God, is: increasing the awareness of the Glory of God.

A child of God is: a Word of God. We are the Words of God.

A word is the outward going forth, or expression of God, revealing something about the mystery of God. Expressing some Truth of God’s Infinite Glory.

This sheds some light on the Glory of God. Therefore, let your light shine.

You do not have to consciously try and increase awareness of the Glory of God. It is being done automatically by your entire life.

Your life, and all the things you have been through or will go through, will serve God’s purpose and increase awareness of the Glory of God.

God’s is increasing awareness of His Infinite Glory……in the minds of all men and Angels. Your entire life is serving this purpose.

God’s Infinite Glory, cannot be fully understood, but our awareness of God’s Glory is always increasing.

In addition, the unity and oneness of all God’s children is eternal. Only our awareness concerning this divine unity changes. When you fall in love, your awareness of oneness and unity with that person has increased. Or when you grieve over the loss of a loved one, its because your awareness thinks the bond of oneness and unity has been broken. Spiritually the oneness and unity is always complete, never broken. But our awareness changes.

Awareness among Men and Angels will increase for eternity. Because God’s Glory is Infinite. We will never fully understand….. the Infinite.

Infinite means: there is no end.











The Truth

God is Love.

God said “Let there be Light“.

Jesus is the Light…… The Light of Love.

Light is Truth.

Jesus is the Child of Love.

Jesus said “He was the Truth”.

Jesus is The Truth that proceeded (born) from Love.

God’s (Love’s) only begotten Son is Truth

Love gave birth to Truth.

Jesus said, “You have been with Me from the beginning”.

Jesus said “He who is of the Truth hears My Voice.”

Meaning: Every child of Love is also Truth.

Jesus said He was the Vine and we are the branches.

Jesus said: we are ONE with Him.

Jesus is the Word made flesh.

The Word is Truth.

The Word of God….means the Word of Love.

We are the Truths of Love.

We are the Words of Love.

The Truth is: We are children of Love.

The Truth is: We are spiritually one with God (the Spirit of Love).

The Truth is: We are Holy, because of this oneness.

The Truth is: We are Perfect because of this oneness.

The Truth is: We are Eternal because of this oneness.

The Truth is: We are members of one another, because of this oneness.

The Truth is: We overcome the spiritual temptations of the world, because of this oneness.

The Truth is: We are Love, because of this oneness.

The Truth is: We are Divine because of this oneness.

The Truth is: We are Peace and Joy…because of this oneness.

Love is our Oneness.

Love is our Father

Love is our Salvation.

Love is our Spiritual Protection.

Love is our Reality.


We are the Members of Jesus. (He is the Vine, we are the Branches). He is Divine Truth of Love, We are the Divine Truths of Love. Together we are Jesus.

God is Love. (Love is our Father)

The children of God (Love) are His Glory.

We are the Glory of God.

We are the Glory of Love.

We are Members of one another.

Loving Spirits combined into a Holy Being.

Loving Spirits united.

Spirits of Grace, Joy, Beauty, Innocence, Compassion, Love, Wisdom, Humility, Sincerity.... infinite combinations.

To "Re-Member" - is to bring to yourself the members that you have forgotten.

Have you forgotten that you are Grace, that you are beauty, that you are Innocence?

They are part of you and you are part of them.

Re-member them all..................

Bring all your members....... back to your awareness

This is Reality Awareness.................


John 14:9 - - - He that has seen Me has seen the Father.

Testimonies from PRISONERS on Death Row       

What is a "Living Prison Ministry"

A Living Prison Ministry is: when you visit someone in prison; pray for them; write them; and send them things.

Not just for their physical needs, but so that their souls might be saved.

Note: You are teaching them how to Love again.

Note: Also Love and be good to their families and children.


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I AM the Father of the universe

I AM the Mother of the universe

I AM the Creator of the universe

I AM the Grandfather of the universe

I AM all that …which you can Know

I AM the means of purification

I AM the Goal

I AM the Sustainer

I AM the Lord

I AM the Shelter

I AM the Existence

I AM Mortality

I AM Immortality

I AM Being

I AM Security

I AM the Beloved

I AM your Existence

I AM your continued Existence

I AM your Life

I AM your Awareness

I AM your eternity

I AM your everything

Thought System



A person’s entire collection of thoughts, can be called a thought system.

It can also be called a person’s beliefs,

It can also be called a person’s philosophy.

It can also be called a person’s doctrine.

It can also be called a person’s understanding.

This thought system (understanding) is key to a person’s eternal happiness.

A person lives in the thoughts of their mind.

Thoughts can make a person happy or otherwise.

Thoughts can be negative or positive.

To understand yourself and develop thoughts about yourself…. is the purpose for living.

Good self-esteem comes from thinking good about yourself.

We all have made mistakes and done foolish things. Yet God loves and forgives us......then why can't we forgive ourselves? God sees the unreality and unimportance of the things we do in the world..... while we put importance on these things. Stop condemning your self, stop blaming yourself. Accept the free gift of forgiveness.....You are not bad or made mistakes.....we all have. Get over it and Believe in your Oneness with God. You are created in God's Image...God is Love. You are Love. 

Let the negative things of the past go not let them harm you or affect you. You are wonderful and more precious than you can image.

Some people in the world harm others, by causing them to think negative about themselves. When they tell you, “You are bad”, or “You failed”, or “You are no good”. They are affecting your thoughts, and your self-esteem.

If you believe these people, and allow them to affect your thoughts, they can make you unhappy.

On the other hand, there are people in the world, who cause you to think positive thoughts about yourself. They can tell you, “You did a good job”, “You are beautiful”, or “You are very smart”.

As a person lives in the world, and experiences various things, they will come in contact with both types of people.

We come in contact with people, who build us up, and the people who try to tear us down. The ones who find fault with everything you do or say, and the ones who love you regardless of anything you do or say.

You will come in contact with both types of these people: in your family, in your neighborhood; in your schools; in your church; and in your places of work; even in stores, as you shop.

Remember your eternal happiness is based on how you believe about yourself. If you believe good about yourself you will be happy, if you believe negative about yourself, you will be unhappy.

Just about anything, you say or do can be viewed as positive or negative.

Anything you say or do, can be twisted or condemned. Or it can be viewed in a positive light.

A person who is abused as a child, or young adult, will be greatly affected. But the people in their lives have little, or no idea, what they have been through.

Those memories of abuse will affect a person and many times they think negative about themselves. And blame themselves.

People who are always finding fault and condemning others, are causing lots of emotional harm. Sadly, many people in the churches and the schools are doing this.

 We must block out the negative thoughts

 and believe the best about ourselves.


We are God’s children. God is Love. That makes us the children of Love.

We must know and understand our oneness with God.

Our oneness with Love.

This is what we are. This is who we are.

And this is what we must think about.

We must think about being eternal Love.

This will make us eternally happy.

And this is the Truth. The Truth of our oneness with Love.

That’s why the Truth will set us free…. Free from doubts about ourselves.

We can see nothing negative within ourselves, when we know and understand….that we are eternal Love.

And Love is Goodness…. that makes us eternal Goodness.

And Love is Kindness…that makes us eternal Kindness.

And Love is Mercy…that makes us eternal Mercy.

So we are: Love, Goodness, Kindness and Mercy. Because we are the children of God, and God is Love, and we have Love’s qualities in us.

We have God’s DNA in us. Because we are God’s Children. God is Love. We have the DNA of Love within us.

These are the thoughts that we must believe and think about. This must be our philosophy, this must be our beliefs, this must be our doctrine, this must be our understanding.

Because this is our eternal reality. And we are happy when we know, who and what we are.




















































Truth about LOVE

Love teaches us to Love, and whoever believes in Love will live forever.


He who believes in Love is not condemned.


The gift of Love: Is Love Eternal Life.


Love will give you eternal life... and become in you... a endless supply of blessings


Love restores and renews..... giving eternal life


He who loves... has passed from death unto life and this Love is the Life within you.....eternal life


We Seek to do Love's Will


Come to Love and you will have Life


Seek to understand the Truths of Love, which are Eternal......And you will learn to Love perfectly


Believe in Love


Love is the Food of Heaven, the Spiritual food of the Angels


Love gives life to those who receive Love


Love will satisfy your longing


Love will raise you up to Heaven


Love will Teach you


Without love have no life


He who receives Love...dwells in Love, and love in Him


Love sustains your existence forever


The Spirit of Love gives Life


The Words of Love give Understanding


Seek to proclaim Love


Seek the Glory of Love


He who loves .....will send out Love from his heart


He who follows Love......will not be confused...but will have the understanding to see clearly


Only by Believing in Love......can you be saved from guilt and torment.......which has been caused by not loving


Do all things according to Love


Abide in Love and you will be free from the bondage of self-condemnation and self doubt


He who is full of Love....receives the Truths of Love, and obeys them


Whoever obeys the Truths of Love will never die (spiritually)...... Love will keep your spirit alive


Love is the Light or understanding of your mind



Do the works of Love.... while you are able

Love is the door of Heaven.......where those who Love.... enter in


Whoever Loves will have Eternal Peace


The Loving will Follow Love....Love will save them


Love is the resurrection from the dead.....up into eternal life


If you believe in Love... your spirit will never die


Continue to Love...and increase Love


Love will draw Love


Love will cleanse you


Love.... is your teacher and your Lord


Love gives us the example.... to follow


You are very happy when you follow Love's teaching


If you love someone Truly.....according to the Lord's teaching......they have received Love from the Lord - Through You... Love manifested in you


Love as we have been taught by Jesus - our Lord and God .... He is Love


We will follow Jesus and abide with Him forever in Heaven..... after we love perfectly..... as he taught us.


Love prepares your eternal home ...In Heaven


Love will Receive you ......with open arms





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