JOHN Chapter 15 - In a New Light


God is the Spirit of Infinite Love
From this Infinite Love Proceeds.... The Light of His understanding of His Infinite Love

Jesus is called many things in the Bible: The Truth, The Word of God, The Wisdom of God, The Christ, The Messiah, The Teacher, The Lord, The Son God, The Son of Man, The Light, The Bread of Heaven, The Water of Life, The Door, The Good Shepherd, The True Vine (we are called His branches).

We (God's Children) are also called The Lights of the world
We are the Members of Jesus, Because of the Spiritual Oneness
Jesus gives us Spiritual Understanding, which is Spiritual Enlightenment

Everything Jesus taught was spiritual enlightenment
For example: Jesus said Blessed are the merciful, Blessed are the meek, Blessed are the peacemakers, This enlightens our minds with the spiritual understanding, that to be merciful, meek, and a peacemaker, is a blessed and wonderful thing.

Spiritual Love is the desire to protect from evil 

Spiritual Fruits are virtues, and also they are blessings that we spiritually radiate to one another ...(God does not need anything from us, but we need blessings from God and from one another)... they are blessings that we are to spiritually radiate, such as: forgiveness, compassion, grace, gentleness, mercy, Love, kindness. 

John Chapter 15  

  01 I AM the Infinite total of all spirits of divine enlightenment; and God our Father is our protector.  
  02 Every spirit in me, which does not radiate spiritual blessings, God removes away from me: and that spirit which does radiate spiritual blessings, God purifies more and more, so that the spirit may radiate more spiritual blessings.
  03 You are already purified, by the spiritual enlightenments I have taught you. 
  04 Continue to believe in our spiritual oneness. A spirit cannot radiate blessings by itself, unless it continues in divine oneness with God; you cannot radiate blessings, unless you continue in oneness with God.
  05 I AM the Infinite total of all spirits of enlightenment, and you are my spirits. The spirit in me that continues to believe in oneness with God, radiates blessings; for without oneness with God, you cannot radiate blessings.
  06 And if a spirit does not continue believing in oneness with God, he is removed away and degenerates; and grouped together with other spirits without faith or enlightenment.
  07 But if you continue to believe in oneness with God, and believe in the spiritual enlightenments that you have been taught, whatever you ask God for, it will be given to you. 
  08 In this is God our Father increased in Joy, that you radiate spiritual blessings; and you will be my blessed Spirit of Oneness.


09 As God our Father has protected me from evil, I also have protected you from evil: continue in my protection.
  10 If you live by the spiritual enlightenment that you have been taught, you will continue in my protection from evil, just as I have lived by the spiritual enlightenment of God our Father, and continue to be protected from evil.
  11 These spiritual enlightenments I have revealed to you, so that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete in our eternal oneness.
  12 This is my desire, that you Love and protect one another from evil, as I have Loved and protected you from evil.
  13 There is no greater Love and protection than this, that a person give up his own desires, for the sake of those he Loves and protects.
  14 You are my Own Oneness, whom I love and Protect from evil, if you live by the spiritual enlightenments, I have taught you.  
  15 I no longer refer to you as just obedient spirits; because just an obedient spirit does not know everything God is doing; but I have called you my Own Oneness; because, all the spiritual enlightenments I have received from God our Father, I have shared with you, my Own Oneness.
  16 It is not you that desired to be one with me, but I have desired to be one with all of you; and I have protected you all from evil, so that you will radiate spiritual blessings, and that your spiritual blessings will continue; so that whatever you may ask of God Our Father in the name of Our Oneness, God may give it you.
  17 This I desire you to do, that ye should love and protect one another from evil. 
  18 And if the evil people hate you, know that they hated me before you.
  19 And if you were part of the evil, the evil people would accept you. But ye are not part of the evil, for I have chosen you; for this cause, the evil people hate you.
  20 Remember the enlightenment that I taught you, That there is no obedient spirit, who is more loving than Your Lord, who has chosen you. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; and if they have received and obeyed my teaching, they will also receive and obey yours. 
  21 But all these evil things will they do to you, on account of who I AM, because they know not God our Father that sent me.  
  22 If I had not come and given spiritual enlightenment, sin would not have been on them; but now there is no excuse for their sins, because they rejected my teachings. 
  23 He that hates me, hates God our Father also.
  24 If I had not done before them good works which no other person ever did, sin would not have been on them: but now they have seen the good works, and have hated, both me and God our Father;  
  25 so that in them will be fulfilled the scriptures which is written in their law: They hated The Lord, without a cause. 
  26 But when the Spirit of Enlightenment shall come, whom I will send to you from God our Father, that Spirit of Divine Truth who proceeds from God our Father, He will testify of Me.
  27 And you will also testify of The Lord; for you have been ONE with Me from the beginning.