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Nothing in the world you have ever done or can ever do, is more important than reading and understanding these writings of Truth.

Reading and understanding these Truths of Love is the most important thing in your lifeReading and understanding these Truths of Love is the most important thing in your life.

Your whole purpose for living and learning in this dimension is to gain the awareness that is revealed by these writings.

The Truths of Love gives reality awareness. You can now gain the awareness of divine perfection. This awareness is all that you need.

You cannot feel good about yourself and know yourself, unless you can see the truth of your eternal perfection. These truths of your perfection reveal your divine goodness and give you the awareness of who and what you are. Thus, you come to know your "Real" self.  

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1. Awareness of your Reality

2. All Men Are Your Brothers

3. There Is No Death for the Children of God

4. The Spirit of Confusion

5. The spirit of confusion and Egotism

6. Forgiveness Is Understanding

7. Illusions Only Seem "Real"

8. Innocence

9. You Already Have Honor

10. Jesus

11. Know Yourself

12. Do You Know What Love Is?

13. Reality Cannot Be Threatened

14. Prayer

15. There is no Separation from Love

16. Wholeness and Oneness

17. Do You Know Who, or What You Are?

18. God's will is your will

19. All Things Are Yours

20. Error and imperfection are not real  

 1. Awareness of your Reality

The "real" you is not separated from God. God is Love. Your spirit is made out of love. Love is your very substance. Your worldly personality with its spirit of confusion and ego is not real.

Your body is not your reality. Your life in the world is not your "real" life. You are not separate from your brethren. You are the Son of God, part of the Sonship.

Look upon yourself with gladness and appreciation for what you see. You are a perfect child. Knowing your innocence and your oneness with God and your brethren, sets you free from illusions and unreality. Love is life. Nothing without life is real. Therefore, only love is real. Since you are love, you are real. Everything else does not, and cannot exist. You are the Truth of Love. This is your reality. When the remembrance of your perfection dawns on you, you can no longer be satisfied with anything but your own reality.

You also are the teacher, but you do not know it. You are where you have forever been and will forever be. All things are yours and you have them forever. The awakening of you and your brother to your joint reality of love and glory is your only purpose. You keep wanting unreality, until you desire to awaken to your glorious reality. Your will is joined with God's will, they are not separate, but one will. Therefore, you will awaken to your perfection and glory, for God's will is always done.

The resurrection is waking from the dream of separation. It has already been accomplished in you. In the dream of separation you dream of the nightmare of crucifixion. You will forget these dreams when the awareness of love is in you and your brethren; the awakening of God's Son.

Awakening is recognized by those who share in it. You have forgotten yourself, but the love remembers you. Love guides you. Love awakens you from the sleep of forgetting to the remembering of Truth. You can hold on to the past only through guilt. You are guiltless and immortal. You have never been separated from love. You must recognize the love that you are. This is your awakening to reality. This is your enlightenment and joy.

2. All God's Children Are Your Brothers

We are united spiritually and part of one another. We are inseparable. Anything that happens to one, really effects all. Together we are whole. What you do to your brother, you do to yourself. You are not separate from your brothers. When you see your brother you see your "other self". As you draw closer to your brothers, you draw closer to God.

You have no existence apart from God and your brethren. Your spirit is not apart, but forever united with and part of God.

You are not alone, but you have a shared identity with your brethren; its called the Son of God.

You and the minds of your brethren are not separate. God has only one Son. All are in one. Be aware that no one is separate. Remember the oneness.

Love brings invulnerability, because it does not attack.

Your acceptance of Love in your brother acknowledges the Love of God he has forgotten. Recognize him as part of God, along with you. Reminding him of the Truth of himself and of his wholeness with you.

In the kingdom there is calm knowledge that each one is part of God. You dwell in the mind of God with your brother.

The glory of the Sonship is shared; glorified together. We are members of one another. We are the spirits of love. All of God's Sons are equal. Their equality is their oneness. Only when you look upon God's Son as guiltless can you understand His oneness.

All of your brethren are beautiful and holy, and all are really one. This is a key point: You are not separate from your brethren, but you and your brethren are one. It is an illusion to believe that you are separate from your brethren. You can accept awareness and enlightenment for your brethren, because you are part of your brethren. We all affect one another. We are all joined in the awakening to our reality, nothing else can unite us in this world.

Those who have not yet learned the truth of their innocence, need love and teaching, not attack or condemnation. The miracle is the recognition of your love and your brother's love.

Look on all your brothers with gratitude, because you are in union with them. Accept the oneness of the Sonship. All of your brethren serve a purpose and so do you.

The whole reality of our relationship with God is in our relationship to one another. You have a shared existence and a shared being. Love your brethren and you love yourself. See your brethren as part of yourself. Look on them with perfect love. Our whole purpose in the world is to understand what love is. God's Children are your brothers, but not the workers of iniquity.

3. There Is No Death

Death of pride, the ego, and the body is not death at all. Real things cannot die. Only illusions can vanish into nothingness. Pride, the ego, and the body are not really alive. Only the spirit is alive. Death is a dream in a dream world. What seems to die is misperceived and only illusion.

When the dream of death and separation ends what will remain? Nothing but this: the realization that the Son of God is guiltless and perfect now and forever. You are God's Child. You will know more concerning the magnitude of Love.

You cannot lose your soul, but you can lose your awareness of it.

When you see only love, you will see no illusions of death. When you look upon the truth within yourself, you will see only love.

You are love. Love cannot die, for love is eternal.

If you believe that death has any meaning, then you are afraid of death. Therefore, you are afraid of being murdered. Thus, you want to punish murderers.

Nothing is dead. The life energy within material forms cannot die or be murdered. The material form (shell) has no existence without the life energy. Material forms are not alive. They only appear to be alive, because of the presence of life energy within, which animates and provides all movement.

You cannot kill anything. When the life energy leaves a form, it gives the illusion that death has occurred to the material form. Nothing of the sort has happened. The life energy is still complete and intact. The material form was never "alive", but only gave the appearance (illusion) of being "alive".

Therefore, murder has no meaning. You can harm nothing "real". You can kill nothing "alive". There has never been any death or murder in the world. Nothing has ever died. No one has ever been murdered. There are no murderers. No one is guilty of murder, and has never been guilty.

The worldly personality, with its egotism and arrogance, identifies with the material body, and believes that the material body is alive of itself, and that the life energy is nothing. This is the reason why the worldly personality fears death. This is stupid and insane.

Death and murder has meaning, only in the spirit of confusion. Death and murder are absolutely meaningless. If you fear death, then you certainly don't understand who or what you are. That means you are thinking from your worldly mind and worldly knowledge (your ego). Thus, you are confused.

The separation of life energy from the material form, is not death. The life energy is never affected, and the material form was never "alive".

Life energy is eternal and invulnerable. Life energy is Love. Life energy is God.

Now you can understand yourself.

4. The Spirit of Confusion

Only TRUTH (Jesus is the TRUTH), can save you from the spirit of confusion.

The Truth (Jesus) will free you from the spirit of confusion, and save you from your guilt, fear and anxiety. The Truth overcomes all illusion.

5. Pride- the spirit of confusion and Egotism

The worldly personality with its: pride, arrogance, a belief in independence, and a belief in a separate existence is the ego. The worldly personality and all of its independence is only illusion.

You are not the worldly personality, but you made it. You are spirit. Your ego and your body is not the "Real" you. Only your spirit is important and "Real". Your worldly personality and its ego is from a dream of separation from God. Its continued existence depends on your continuing belief in separation. The worldly personality and its ego gives your sleeping mind a temporary sense of existence, but no real: happiness, joy, peace, or gladness.

The worldly personality and its ego, regards the body as its home, and tries to satisfy itself through the body. It believes in limits and scarcity. It seeks to "get" things, due to its belief in scarcity. It thrives on judging and comparing. It believes that it is completely on its own, and separated from God. The so called "struggle for survival" is only the worldly personality and its ego's struggle for the illusions of apparent existence.

The worldly personality and its ego is very fearful, because it believes it is separated from God. It attacks any perceived threat to its apparent existence. If you identify with it; you cannot know that God Loves you. It is afraid of the spirit's joy. Only the worldly personality and its ego can be disheartened, and fearful.

The worldly personality with its (pride) the spirit of confusion and ego, tries to exploit all situations into forms of praise for itself in order to overcome its doubts. Only it can experience guilt. It judges and expects to be judged, and expects punishment. It is always busy in nonessentials and preoccupied with worldly things, and this is precisely to impede true knowledge and understanding from entering in. It avoids real questions of spiritual and eternal importance. It is in command, when you feel guilty. It is only an illusion in a dream of separation. If you identify with it then you must perceive yourself as guilty, and fear punishment. When you awaken from your dream of separation, the illusions of pride and ego, along with its guilt will not exist, because they never really existed.

Undoing the illusions of separation and pride, is your escape from the dream of separation. You are not separate from God and your brethren. You have no meaning apart from your wholeness. Your rightful place is in the kingdom, united forever in love with God and your brethren.

Look at the goodness of a new born baby; how beautiful and sweet. The baby has no (pride) the spirit of confusion or egotism. It does not think it is better than anyone else. It does not want to "get even" or take revenge on anyone. The baby is perfect in every way. How gentle and good is the baby.

You are perfect in your reality. Spiritually you are still the new baby. You are good, and the world cannot change you. When a baby begins to receive "mixed" signals from others, it takes on an outward personality, a shell of protection. What do you think the baby does when it is treated unjustly? What does it do when it is neglected and ignored? What does it do when it is scolded and verbally attacked? What does it do when it is treated harsh?

When all these things begin to happen to the baby, as they do to everyone in this insane dimension, the baby senses a need to protect itself (emotionally), from destruction. Out of its need for self protection, the baby guards itself from outside insanity, by putting up a shell, or an outward persona. This outward shell insulates the divine goodness and perfect innocence within the child, from all the injustice, insanity and cruelty of the world. This shell is not the "real" child, but only a temporary personality, that protects the sensitive child within. This outward temporary personality can be called the ego. This temporary personality begins to deal with others the way it is dealt with. All the world sees is the shell, or outward temporary personality. The world thinks that the ego (shell) is the person. The baby develops it's ego, in order to deal with the egos of others and the insanity of the world. This outward shell is only a pretense, and not the real child. It is only a defense mechanism.

As the baby continues to put up the front of an outward personality, it begins to forget its real self. The baby forgets the divine goodness and perfect innocence that it really is. The baby gets lost in the spirit of confusion of the world, and has so many things to deal with, that it does not reflect upon the true reality within. It begins to believe that it is the ego. As the baby grows up it loses touch with itself. It forgets itself. Dealing with all the insanity of the world occupies the thoughts of the baby. Self protection from emotional harm becomes the main function for survival.

The goodness of the baby does not vanish, but remains forever. For, the goodness is the real child and cannot be destroyed. You must someday realize that all of your outward personality, was only a defense mechanism, that you developed to deal with all the threatening things that you sensed in the world. The "real" you is in no danger. The world cannot ever destroy divine Love. You are still the baby. You are still perfectly innocent. Don't be afraid, because injustice and insanity of the world will cease, but your goodness is eternal.

6. Forgiveness Is Understanding

Receiving forgiveness is nothing more than recognizing what you already have and what you really are. The "real" you is perfect and needs no forgiveness, but your worldly mind does not know this. Your worldly mind believes that it is separate and in need.

Only the worldly personality with its (pride) the spirit of confusion can know sin, and guilt. Sin and guilt seem so real, but are only illusions. The false belief in separation from God, causes the belief in sin and guilt. Therefore sin and guilt are based on a false idea, and therefore cannot be real. Your "real" self, your spirit, knows no sin or guilt, and can never know these illusions.

Think of a new born baby, how innocent, sweet and perfect. That is the condition of your real self, and it never changes. The "real" you remains: innocent, sweet, and perfect forever. A new born baby is given a "name", and begins to respond to a "name". It begins to believe that it is a separate being, and not whole with all it's brethren. It begins to identify with its name, and its body. The illusions of the world begin to seep into the baby's ideas. The belief in self defense and the concerns of the physical body, begin to convince the child that it must compete for everything. It begins to develop pride and a worldly self-identity. It begins to develop egotism. It begins to believe in separation from God, and that it is on its own, and responsible for its own future.

The baby sees pride in others for the first time, and wonders if there is something to be proud about, so pride develops. It sees fear in others for the first time, and wonders if there is something to fear, so it becomes fearful. It sees anger in others for the first time, and wonders if there is something to be angry about, and anger develops. It is trained to compete for attention and "worldly things". The child's spirit is: innocent, sweet, and perfect, and will never be changed by these worldly false ideas and dreams of separation, because the spirit is invulnerable. Only the worldly personality with its pride and ego, can be changed, and suffer the illusions of sin, guilt, and death.

Only the worldly personality with its pride, ego and body can die. The child's spirit is eternal and can never die. When worldly pride (the ego) dies, all: sin, guilt, worry, and fear dies with it. In fact, it was never "real", but only an illusion. "Real" things don't die. Your spirit is "Real". Love is "Real". Forgiveness is undoing the illusions of separation, sin, fear and guilt. You will understand the "real" you; that you are a child, and innocent, sweet, and perfect. You will know what love is.

Forget all the sins that you believe were done by you and others. Forgiveness is the way to see God in your brethren and in yourself. It allows you to see the beauty, perfection, holiness, and innocence in all of God's children. Forgive everyone for everything. This is compassion and love.

If you offer your brethren complete forgiveness, you must have accepted the truth for yourself, and understood that you are guiltless. Here and now you are free and without condemnation, you are guiltless, and your past is gone forever, and it does not matter. Illusions do not matter.

Ask not to be forgiven, for this has already been accomplished, your guilt is only illusion. However, as long as you feel the need to ask for forgiveness, then you must continue to do this. All "sins" are but the imagination. In reality you are forever sinless. You need no forgiveness, but only the awakening to your reality. You need only to understand your eternal perfection!

To forgive, is merely to remember perfection and love, all else is unreal.

 7. Illusions Only Seem "Real"

Illusions are only appearances of reality, but they can be very convincing to the senses. However, only eternal things are real.

Sand castles on the beach appear to be real, but when the tide comes in they disappear without a trace. This world and its pride is like the sand castle on the beach. This is a dream world.

Questioning illusions is the first step in undoing them. To lose something that is not real, means that you lose nothing. Your worldly personality with its pride and ego, and your body are only illusions of reality. Your ego and its pride and sense of independence represents a delusional system. Delusional thoughts are not real thoughts, but only the product of imagination.

Real thought is from God and is God. You are part of Him and His thought. You cannot think real thoughts apart from Him.

"Worldly pride", and "worldly self-esteem" is delusional. It is an illusion to believe that you are separated from God, or your brothers. Your spirit is forever one with God and your brothers.

As you learn to escape from the illusions of ego and pride and separation, you must not forget your brothers and their blessings to you. You cannot "undo" your illusions alone. All of your brethren share Love and Knowledge with you. Christ Jesus is the embodiment of all the brethren. You are part of God and the Sonship. You are not separate.

Nothing that is real can ever be lost, but you may forget where it is. It is therefore "lost" to you until you can see correctly.

8. Innocence

The Truth that sets you free from illusions of sin, fear and guilt is this: "God's Son is guiltless, and in His innocence is His salvation."

God knows the innocence of His children, and we are His children. God says that you are "not guilty", thus, "innocent". He knows the Truth about you. God knows that you are really innocent of all imagined error. He knows that you are only dreaming illusions. Dreaming things that are not true or real. Dreaming that you are separated from God. He knows that your illusions are meaningless and unimportant. God knows that you will come to yourself, and be restored and in your right mind. God knows that you are innocent, and He knows that you also will understand this truth. You will "know yourself", that you are love. Because in your illusions of separation you have forgotten yourself.

Babies cannot know sin or guilt. You are a baby, and you have forgotten yourself. Only the worldly personality with its pride and egotism can know sin, fear and guilt. The worldly personality and pride and egotism are false things, and therefore all the things they imagine are false, thus not real. All the sin, fear and guilt of pride and egotism are therefore meaningless and unimportant, and illusions. The worldly personality and it's pride is not you, only a false image of you. The real you is forever innocent. The pride and egotism of the world will vanish, along with it's false things of sin, fear, and guilt.

The goal in your life is to "Know What love is". This means to awaken from your dreams of separation and remember your wonderful goodness.

Did you know that it is an illusion to believe that your innocence has been lost?

Innocence is the awareness of your perfection. This awareness gives you eternal happiness and eternal peace. This awareness gives perfect joy. This awareness is Heaven itself. For Heaven is not a physical place, but spiritual.

In the world, we all have thoughts and experiences that confuse us concerning our innocence. These thoughts and experiences make us sad, and give us a sense of low self esteem. They make us feel like paradise has been lost.

 If you believe that your actions in the world, are proof of your reality, then you are wrong. If you think that all of your mistakes, errors, sin and guilt are real, then you are wrong. Your worldly mind, with its ego and pride is not the "real" you. It is illusion and temporary. Of course, you feel terrible when the sting of sin and guilt causes you to doubt your perfection, and make it seem like your innocence has been lost. The spirit of confusion can seem so real.

Even though, you may temporarily have the spirit of confusion about your perfection, and feel like a failure; you have not failed, nor are you imperfect. Your divine being is eternally the same, only your worldly mind has been confused, due to your identifying with the world, and putting importance on worldly actions and worldly thoughts. Your awareness of perfection will be restored again, because the spirit of confusion will be gone and your innocence will be clear.

Look at a new born baby. Can you see the perfection and total innocence? When do you suppose that this same baby loses perfection and innocence? It never "really" loses perfection and innocence, but has the spirit of confusion about these things, as it grows and it told, "you bad boy", or "you did wrong". You must remember that coping with the greed and insanity of the world, will have a confusing effect on your worldly mind. You must not identity with the person the world thinks you are. You are absolutely innocent and divine. The world does not know the "real" you. The world does not know anyone. The world only sees criminals and law breakers, because the world only looks at the illusion of you, not the "real" divine spiritual you.

Say to yourself, in the thoughts of your mind, "My spirit is sweet, pure, innocent and divine". Think this over and over everyday, say it a hundred times a day, never forget it. "My spirit is sweet, pure, innocent and divine". "My spirit is sweet, pure, innocent and divine". Soon you will identify with your spiritual self, the "real" you, and you will stop identifying with the illusion of you, the one the world sees. Perfect child your reality is glorious.

9. You Already Have Honor 

Give honor to the Sons of God, and count yourself among them gladly. You cannot know your own perfection until you have honored all your brethren.

You are a child of God and you are worthy of respect and honor. Your brethren are children of God and they are worthy of respect and honor. Do not have the spirit of confusion, if in this dream of separation you are not accorded the respect and honor that you deserve. The false belief in separation causes: fear, jealousy, envy, pride, competition, disrespect and dishonor.

When you awaken from your dream of separation you will be loved, cherished, and honored as the child of God that you are. Then you will love and cherish and honor your brethren, because you will see the glory of the Sonship, and the magnitude of Love.

 10. Jesus 

God is the Spirit of Infinite Love. Love is the only thing that is "Real". God is the only thing that is "Real". God's children are "Real", because they are part of Him. God's children are one with Him, and not separated in the least. Your spirit is a Son of God. All God's children collectively can be called, "The Son of God". This is Jesus.

Jesus is wholeness; representing all the brethren in one form. As He said Himself, "I am the vine, you are the branches." If you know Jesus, then you know yourself, your brethren and God.

Jesus can be referred to as: "The Brethren", because Jesus Himself said, "What you do to My brethren you do to Me." He is the self that "We" share, uniting us to one another, and with God.

He is the awaking message of perfection; revealing the unreality of this world. Jesus has shown us that death is not real, and that there is nothing to fear. Jesus came to tell sleeping minds that their frightful dream of separation from God is not real. Jesus came to enlighten the darkness of a dream world. He came to undo the illusions of the worldly mind with its pride and ego. He came to a nightmare world of illusion, and played a role in the nightmare, to end the nightmare. He came to deliver the sleeping children from: the illusions of fear, sin, and guilt, and provide the means of escape from the dream.

Jesus has told us the truth of our spirit; that we are Love, and we are brethren. Jesus is the only part of you that is "Real". Remember: only God is real. We are one with Him.

Let your frightful dreams of fear and separation fade before His Glory; which is also your Glory. Let Jesus reveal to you your holy self, the Christ. As we behold the Glory of the brotherhood, we know that we have no need of learning or perception or time. We know that we have everything and are everything. We know the beauty of Love.

 11. Know Yourself

You know when you cease to ask questions. As you continue to have questions about God, then you do not know Him. You do not even know yourself, if you are uncertain about yourself. If you worry, then you do not know. If you have fear then you do not know.

Perception is just having partial awareness. Knowing means complete awareness. To know is to be certain. To know is beyond believing and perception. To perceive is not the same as to know. When you know then your mind is stable. Knowing is not open to interpretation. Knowing cannot be deceived, but having only perception can.

If you attack a brother for his errors, then you do not know your brother, or yourself. If you project guilt upon him in your mind, then you do not know him. You do not know your brother if you do not love him. If you knew your brother, you would know that he is part of you and God, and of the same family. You would know that you both are made out of Love. If you only see the ego, or worldly personality in your brother, then you do not see the reality of your brother. This should be your motto, "Let me know my brother as I know myself". Then you will know what Love is.

The resurrection is the means to return to knowledge. When Learning is no longer necessary you will know God. The Holy Spirit is the mind of Christ which is aware of knowledge that lies beyond perception. If you have the Holy Spirit then you know.

In the kingdom there is no teaching or learning, because there is no belief. There is only certainty.

God knows His children with perfect certainty. When you awaken from your deep sleep, from your dream of separation, you will know God, your brethren, and yourself with perfect certainty.

You will know what Love is.

When you remember who and what you are, you restore your identity, which is a shared identity. Don't let the physical body cause you to believe that love is limited. You are Love!

You are infinitely perfect. You are infinitely good. You are perfect and need no improvement, but only awareness concerning your perfection. All the self-help books and psychological counseling in the world cannot give you the joy of knowing that you are already perfect and have always been perfect. Know yourself, that you are wonderful.

Have great self-esteem, not based on anything you have done in the world, nor based on your worldly stature, nor based on your worldly wealth. Your self-esteem must be based on reality and on truth, not on illusions.

You must understand and know that you have always been infinitely good and perfect. You have never changed. You are always the wonderful spirit of love. The world has not changed the "real" you.

How can you improve what is already perfect? How can you make the infinitely beautiful, more beautiful? How can you make the infinitely good, better?

All that is necessary is that you realize your own spiritual perfection and goodness. Heaven is the awareness of your perfection. Think of love only, for that is what you are. This is holiness.

Everyone will play his part; no one will fail in anything. You cannot make God unhappy. God is always happy with you. He knows you, and you must know yourself.

To know yourself is to love yourself, and to know your brother is to love your brother. If you do not love your brother, it is only because you do not know him.

Every child of love is wonderful. If you cannot see this, its because you do not yet know yourself or your brethren. Knowing the wonderfulness of yourself and your brethren; that you are members of one another, spiritually one, will make you free from the illusions of fear, guilt, competition and loneliness.

Seek not self-improvement, for you are already perfect, but you do not know it. Seek only to understand the wonderful spirit of love that you are. Seek the awareness of your reality. Let not the spirit of confusion of the world, the past, nor anything the world has tried to deceive you with, trouble you. Love's child is perfect, and you are Love's child.

12. Do You Know What Love Is?

What are you? What is your spirit made of?

Don't you understand that you are love itself, your spirit is love? Love is all and everything. Only love is real, everything else is only illusions. Love is whole, not separate. Love is one, not divided. The only possible wholeness is that of love.

Only love is something, that is you. The function of love is one, that is your function. Express only love, for that is what you are. Only love is understandable, that is you. Only love has meaning, that is you. Only love is important, that is you. Only love can be communicated, that is you. Only love is eternal. Only love is Joy. Only love is peace. Only love is impartial. Only love sees no error. Love is real, and there is no other reality. You are love. Love does not change.

What is Love? This is the question that has been asked down through the ages. Untold numbers of Love songs have been written. Countless poems and books have been written about Love. We are told from our childhood that we should Love our mommies and daddies, and love everyone. We are taught to Love Jesus. All of our holidays have Love as their reason for existing. Valentines day teaches us to give flowers, candy and cards to show our Love. Christmas day teaches us to give gifts to others and show Love. Thanksgiving day is a day to show our thanks and Love to God for all His bountiful gifts. The fourth of July is a day to show Love of country. On Veterans day we show our appreciation and Love to our veterans. On Mothers day we show our Love for our mother. The same can be said for: Fathers day, Grandparents day, Secretaries day, and all other holidays. Even on Halloween, we give gifts of candy and other treats to anyone who knocks on our doors, even if they are dressed in strange and frightening costumes. This too is a way to show compassion and Love, to all, regardless of their outward appearance.

But the question remains, What is Love? The truth will now be revealed to you. Many know that God is Love, but few know that they are Love. Few know that Love is all that really exists. There are forms and illusions that pass away and exist no more. For example: all the things you see in the world are not permanent, but only temporary illusions, but even they are formed by the energy and power of Love.

In Heaven all forms that are seen, are formed by the energy and power of Love. All the spiritual things in Heaven: the Angels, their houses, the flowers, trees, and spiritual lands are all formed by and continue to exist by the energy and power of Love. Only Love exists. Love has infinite forms.

There is only one God. This means that Love is one spirit. We are love. You are Love. When Love expresses itself in a certain form, all the power, glory and goodness of Love is in that form. Love cannot be divided. Every Angel is the expression of Love. Every Angel has all the power, glory and goodness of Love, because an Angel is Love. Every man is an Angel in his reality.

Love is everything and there is nothing else that is real. Love is one with and forever united with Wisdom. Wisdom is the house that Love dwells in. Wisdom is the form that Love dwells in. Wisdom is the sum of all the Truths of Love. Wisdom reveals the Glory and Holiness of Love. Since every Angel is the form that love dwells in, this means that every Angel is Wisdom. Every Angel reveals the Truths of Love, by revealing Love's Glory and Holiness. Every Angel is all Love and All Wisdom. Your reality is all Love and all Wisdom.

You can sing of Love and write poems and books concerning Love, but unless you understand that you are Love, you do not yet know yourself nor do you know what Love is.

13. Reality Cannot Be Threatened

The idea of separation from God is not real. Your worldly personality with all its traits is not real. Therefore, if these unreal things are destroyed, then you have lost nothing. If something is an illusion then it doesn't matter if it vanishes. Don't be deceived nor let the spirit of confusion trouble you. What the world thinks is important- is not important. What the world values- has no value.

Nothing that is real can ever be threatened. Your Spirit is real, because its part of the Spirit of God. God is the Spirit of Love. This is the only real thing, all else is illusion. Your real self cannot be threatened, and is in no danger. Your real self is holy and perfect, and preserved forever.

Only the worldly personality with its pride and ego can experience sin and guilt. Don't identify with pride and arrogance and ego. Don't think that you are separated from God, because your spirit is one with God, and that's the real you. Identify with your Spirit.

The real you cannot die, you are spirit. The body is not the real you. You are an eternal spirit of Love. God knows your real self and is your real self. You are a child; innocent, sweet, and perfect. You will live forever, because you are real.

Change is an illusion. Time is an illusion. God does not change. You do not change.

The Holiness and changeless state of your divine reality, is beyond time. For the purity of God's Son remains forever beyond attack and without variability.

Apparent disaster is not real. Nothing real can be destroyed.

You cannot fail nor be lost. As you dream of separation, you are being protected, with Love and affection. You will awaken to your glorious reality.

There is nothing real outside of you. Heaven is the awareness of perfection and oneness. There is nothing outside this oneness.

14. Prayer

Prayer should ask for nothing, but be an endless song of love. When you recognize your oneness with God and the infinite love between you and your brethren, then you understand that you have no needs. Prayer should be a song of joy. Receive what is already there; accept what you have.

Things of the world are only substitutes for God. They are but illusions of separation.

Forget the things you think you need. God knows everything about your whole being. Remember God and His wonderful goodness. You should want nothing but God. Prayer is the communion of love, and the way to remember your holiness.

Prayer is a song of thanksgiving for the divine being that you are. It asks nothing and receives everything.

Yet prayer is part of forgiveness as long as forgiveness, is not understood. You have Only apparent needs. When you understand, then you have no needs. Remember the Psalm: "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want."

You have no enemy, except your false belief in separation from God. Your brother is not your enemy. He is a Son of God along with you. He is a messenger of love along with you. Be this to your brother, and you will see him as he is. You cannot go without your brethren, because you are part of them, and they are part of you.

Prayer is meant for you to recognize the love in you, and in your brethren.

15. There is no Separation from Love

Pride is the illusion of separation. Arrogance always tries to divide and separate, and cause conflict. Egotism believes it is separate from God and everyone else, and this is the reason for all fear. It believes that it must compete with everyone for everything. It believes in luck and chance. It believes that it must protect the body, so it sees everyone and everything as threats. It believes that it must provide for itself. It sees you separated from your brothers, and views them as enemies and competitors; in a fight for limited resources. It believes that it must fight for survival.

You are not pride or egotism. You are a spirit of love. Love is perfection. What appears as imperfection is only things imagined from fear. Enlightenment of your true self and your perfection makes all things again clear. You have nothing to fear.

God is love. There is nothing else that is "real". Love is your own origin, and your very substance. You cannot be separated from what you are. Only illusions and dreams can cause you to imagine that you are separated and thus be afraid of nothing.

Pride and egotism are only illusions and hallucinations, and therefore not real. All the so called: sin, guilt, and acts of pride and egotism, are false illusions of unimportance.

Returning to God is not necessary, because you have gone nowhere. You have only imagined that you must return to God. You imagined that you were far from God and separated. You have always been one with God and always will be. You are part of His being. How could you be separated from yourself?

You are not separated from God; the idea of separation is false. You cannot be anywhere except in the Mind of God. You are altogether irreplaceable in the Mind of God.

You are at home in God. You are only dreaming of exile and separation. You are perfectly capable of awakening to your reality.

You are afraid because you have forgotten. When you understand and remember you will have no fear. Joy and peace and glory awaits you.

Give up gladly everything that would stand in the way of your remembering, for God is in your memory. His Voice will tell you that you are part of Him. In this remembering is the knowledge of yourself.

To remember is to restore to your mind what is already there. Don't be afraid to remember.

The pride, ego and the body is not the real you; you are not separate. When you attack you hate what you think you are. This proves that you have forgotten what you really are.

God is infinite and everywhere. No one is beyond the limitless. Do you really believe that part of God can be missing or outside of himself? God is forever whole. God is one. You are part of and in God.

The Sonship is yourself. You cannot deny that you are part of God. You share God's being with Him, and you can never be content without your divine reality.

When you have accepted the love as yourself, you will realize there is no guilt in God's Son.

You are Love, and Love is not separated.

Separation is only Illusion. You cannot separate yourself from your reality. Illusions do not change your reality. You yearn for love and love yearns for you. You are forever changeless.

Each bright lesson that the Holy Spirit teaches, reveals that your will is one with the Father, and that you are His Son. Your identity is changeless. Your identity is one with the Father. God's Son will always be indivisible. For Love is one. All illusions of separation vanish as love's goodness is shared. God makes you happy; nothing else can. Nothing you do that does not make you happy is real. Relationships are forever to make you happy. Loneliness is an illusion and a dream of isolation.

You and your brother have a divine relationship. You can experience nothing alone. You are a composite being with your brethren.

16. Wholeness and Oneness

In oneness and wholeness there is no competition, and no jealousy. There is no envy. There is no greed. In oneness and wholeness there is no pride or arrogance. There is no "number one", because all are equal and beloved of one another.

In oneness and wholeness there is sharing of all honor and glory. There is mutual enjoyment, and all belongs to all. In oneness and wholeness there are no separate goals or separate ambitions; for all want the same things: love, goodness, peace, joy, and happiness.

Oneness and wholeness is being one family. God's wholeness is our wholeness. Oneness and wholeness never involves comparisons, and never involves judging or condemning.

The only possible whole state is that of love. Love unites and holds together. Love is stable.

The thoughts of God are eternal, one and whole. We are one and whole because we are the thoughts of God.

17. Do You Know Who, or What You Are?

The "Real" you is a Spirit of love and invulnerable. The "Real" you is one with God and all your brothers; Perfect and Holy. You and your brothers are immortal. The Thoughts of God are perfect and immortal. You and your brethren are the Thoughts of God. You are part of God. You are a Son of God. The Thoughts of God are not separate but forever perfectly united.

You are perfect. You are completely lovable and completely loving. Your reality is spirit, and therefore in a state of grace forever. You can never be defiled. You are forever pure and holy, and untouched by the illusions of this world. You are precious and priceless. You are God's only Treasure. You are God's only joy.

The "worldly personality" is not the real you. The "worldly personality" is only a temporary illusion. Your whole life in this "apparent" world is only a dream. Only Love is real, and that's what you are. Remember: "God is Love." Love is real, and there is no other reality.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the "Real" you. You have everything and are everything. You are a perfect child. Your reality is glorious, and forever stable. The Holy Spirit reminds you of what you "Really" are. The Holy Spirit reminds you that you really are perfect. The Holy Spirit reminds you that you and your brethren are "one". The "Real" you is only Love.

You should look out from your own holiness to the holiness of others. You should see God in others and in yourself, because that's what you are. There are no strangers, but only brethren. When you cannot recognize your brethren, you cannot recognize God.

It is absolutely certain that you will awaken from your dream of separation, and from your illusions. Then you will understand and know yourself, your brethren and God. You will forget the sand castles, illusions and dreams of separation. You will be in your right mind and in your kingdom, and you will be whole. You will know the glory of love.

18. God's will is your will

 Ultimately everyone must recognize himself and have the awareness that his will and God's will are one.

Your Holy mind establishes everything that happens to you.

Love does not limit. To give without limit is your will. This brings you true joy. Your Love is as boundless as God's because it is His.

Seek God's will and the Holy Spirit will tell you your will. Your will is God's will, but you have forgotten your own will.

Pride and egotism that causes the belief in separateness, makes it appear as if God's will is outside yourself and therefore not yours. This is a false appearance, for God's will is not separate from your will.

You are afraid to know God's will, because you believe it is not yours. To know the will of God is to know your will. You share the same will with God. You must recognize that your will is God's will.

In perfect understanding you know there is but one will. You want what God wants: joy, peace, and gladness, and the harmony of love.

Accept the whole Sonship and bless it, for it is your will not to be alone.

What you want, you will find.

The attraction of Love for Love remains irresistible. You are therefore attracted to God and your brethren. Love is whole.

19. All Things Are Yours

If you understand that all things are yours, then you have a willingness to give. Do not look beyond yourself for truth, for truth can only be within you; Love is in you; the Kingdom is in you. Your grandeur is of God, and is your abundance. Glory is your inheritance. Nothing is beyond you. Can anything exceed Love? You are in God and encompass everything. The Holy Spirit gives you what is yours. Yours is everything and you share everything. Your inheritance cannot be lost. There can be no disinherited parts of the Sonship, for God is whole. Your kingdom and your inheritance awaits only your awareness and recognition that you have the kingdom.

Love is your strength.

Your union with God and your brethren shows you that you need nothing, for all is yours. But, in a dream of separation you believe you need everything, therefore you seek everything.

The World is not your reality, and it has no "real" meaning to you or to anyone. It is only a temporary illusion. Therefore, the world is nothing.

The Bible tells us that, "Heaven is within us", and that, "God is All in All". We are one with God. We are members of one another. You are a combination of all reality.

You contain all the spirits of your brethren within you. All spirits of love belong to you and are part of you.

Within you is all the infinite reality of Love and Wisdom, and all the things of Love and Wisdom. Within you is all joy, all peace and all happiness. Within you is all goodness and all understanding. Within you is everything. Outside of you is nothing. Therefore, it can be said that: you are everything.

You have heard in the Bible that someday you will inherit all things. This means: you will awaken to the understanding that you already have all things.

You are everything, because everything is within you. The illusions of materialism are not within your reality, they have no reality. Eternity is within you. You are all Love and all Wisdom.

You have no idea of the magnitude of your own self. You do not realize the infinite being of Love and perfection, that is you. Your being is infinite and has no end. The magnitude of your being cannot be measured, and your duration is forever. All of your brethren are like you; infinite and eternal beings of Love and Wisdom.

When you awaken to your glorious reality, it will be like leaving the confinement of a gray prison, and going into a bright, colorful and beautiful garden of infinite dimension.

The world is the gray prison of illusions. The bright, colorful and beautiful garden of infinite dimension, is your own being, your own reality. You will awaken from the world, and once again understand your glorious self. You will realize that the illusions of guilt, sin and imperfection, was like a gray prison. You will realize that the world is only an illusion in time, but nothing in reality.

Someday you will understand that all things are within you, and that there is "nothing" without you, but only illusions of nothingness. Within you is everything. Do not underestimate the magnitude of your glorious being. You will be infinitely happy, when you have reality awareness.

20. Error and imperfection are not real

Illusions of error and imperfection are of pride and egotism. To see errors in others is to see only the illusions and false things of pride and egotism.

To perceive errors in anyone, means you are thinking from your own pride and egotism. You are not looking internally from the heart. You are thinking that false things of pride and fear are real.

Love disregards all false things in you and in your brethren, because they are not real, but only illusions of pride and separation in a dream world. Love sees no error at all, and totally disregards them as: unreal, meaningless, and unimportant.

Love will teach you how to see yourself without condemnation; by looking on everyone without condemning them.

If you blame anyone you blame yourself. Blame is to be undone, and exposed as illusion, not to be seen elsewhere. You cannot blame God's Son and know yourself or your brethren. Do not see error or find fault.

Condemn not the child who is beloved of his Father. The Father never condemns. Illusions and dreams of separation have no reality.

Accept only loving thoughts in others, and regard everything else as an appeal for help. An attack is a call for Love, an appeal for help.

Love removes all illusions of guilt from the mind, so you can be in peace.

You cannot dispel the illusions of guilt by making it seem real. Illusions are figments of the imagination, they can never be real.

The illusions of guilt stands in your way of remembering God and yourself.

The illusions of guilt of the ego causes you to believe that you have failed, but remember the Son of God is not guilty, and you are the Son.

Hell is an insane idea born of the ego. It is an insane illusion, in a dream of separation and fear. Those who imagine hell are identifying with the insane ego; dreaming insane nightmares. But, they seem real to those in them.