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21. God knows you perfectly, and knows you are perfect

22. You have infinite and eternal value

23. Time is not real

24. Love is all, for only Love is real

25. There is nothing to fear

26. Giving and sharing is your divine nature

27. Someday You Will Understand Your Perfection

28. See no one as guilty

29. See only Love

30. Don't believe in the illusions of the world

31. The World is Nothing

32. We Enlighten One Another

33. Your Awakening has already been accomplished

34. You are in need of nothing

35. Receive everyone, for everyone is your brother

36. You are God's Son

37. You have no need to improve or to Sacrifice

38. We are not separate

39. The churning of the ego

40. Heaven is waiting for you

21. God knows you perfectly, and knows you are perfect

Remember God's open arms and then you will know His open mind.

God is never deceived by the things you do from fear, pride and illusions of separation, because God never forgets what you are. You have two conflicting evaluations of yourself. One from pride, fear, illusions and guilt. The other from Love.

The message of Love is Perfection and oneness.

Love yourself with Divine Love, for so does your Father Love you.

Imperfection in you is impossible, as you are part of God. That is your reality. God knows your reality. See yourself as perfect and without deceit, and you will know yourself and your reality. You are united in Love and glory with your brethren.

Jesus awoke for you, so you can awaken from the dream of separation. He makes perfectly clear to us what is already perfect in us-- Perfect Love. You call for love to your Father and your Father calls you to Himself.

It is an eternal fact that God's Son is not guilty. This is what you must understand.

Love is blameless. Love is without guilt. You are love, and you are blameless. This is proof of the unreality of the world. The Son of God is guiltless now and forever. The brightness of His eternal purity shines untouched forever in God's Mind.

Accept the purity that is yours. Let Holiness shine away the cloud of guilt. After all, guilt is only an illusion in a dream.

You are wholly pure and invulnerable.

22. You have infinite and eternal value

When the illusions of fear and guilt of the worldly personality cause you to question your own value, say: "God is incomplete without me." Understand yourself, that you are precious and wonderful.

When you do not value yourself, you become sick. You must remember that your value is real. The value of God's Son is one. When a brother is sick, it is because he doesn't understand that peace is already his. Accept your peace. Sickness is an illusion. It is understanding your value that makes you whole, and removes illusion. To believe in and honor illusion, is to believe in and honor nothing.

Your place in God's mind cannot be filled by anyone except you. God is not incomplete; you are not absent from Him. You have eternal meaning, and your meaning is in your oneness in God. You are forever one in Infinite Love.

Every thought that you believe and accept, should teach you that you are God's Son. Realize Love as yourself; His wholeness as yours.

Love the child who is beloved of his Father, and you will know the Father's love for you.

The poor are those who do not understand their own divine abundance and perfection. Do not value the meaningless things of the world, and fail to see your beautiful reality within.

If you know that you are invulnerable, then you also know that attack has no effect. Recognize your invulnerability. You are invulnerable because you are guiltless. Your immortality is eternally constant.

The only thing of value in this dream world is love. Love gives it the only reality it will ever have. The world has no value in itself, but your value is in you.

The perception of self-value comes from the extension of loving thoughts outward. The knowledge of self-worth comes from the giving of love. Nothing but love has any real value. You cannot really give anything but love to anyone, nor can you really receive anything but love.

To see your own reality is to see love. The reality of yourself is lovely. When you look within and see love, its because you have decided to see love. And you will see it without because you saw it first within.

23. Time is not real

When you have learned that both giving and receiving are the same; meaning you understand that you are one with your brethren; then the need for time is over. When you have no more desire to dream, you will awaken and be glad. When you accept eternity as real, you will begin to understand eternity and make it yours. When you want only love you will see nothing else.

You are guiltless in eternity, for guilt is only an illusion in time. Time itself is only illusion. Time only seems to exist.

Love undoes the illusion of time and the world, and all the meaningless things of pride, egotism and guilt.

The illusions of time pass away and is no more.

Guilt depends on time. Guilt deprives you of the appreciation of eternity. Eternity is real, not time.

The worldly personality dwells on the past, because it emphasizes guilt, trying to make guilt meaningful. It tries to ensure its own continuation, by diverting your focus from truth and reality, to the illusions of guilt and the world. The ego tries to make the future like the past, and avoid the present. The present is "always".

The ego has the insane idea of paying for the past in the future. Thus, it makes the past a determiner of the future, making them continuous, without an intervening present. The ego sees the present in past terms.

"Now" has no meaning to the ego. The present reminds the ego of the past, and it reacts to the present as if it were the past. It causes you to react to those you meet in the present, from a past reference point, obscuring the present reality. Thus, you do not see yourself or your brethren as they are, "now".

The illusions of the past must not have hold over you. They only carry memories of pain in a dream of separation. They want you to retaliate in the present, for a past that is no more.

Love will release you from time.

24. Love is all, for only Love is real

Nothing except God is real. Nothing except God exists. You are part of God, therefore, you are real. Everything real has always been.

Everything that is real is perfectly safe.

The loving thoughts in the minds of God's children are the world's only reality. Every loving thought is eternal.

See through the eyes of love and you see truly. See no error, see no offense and you see truly. Nothing in the world, except love, has any meaning or reality.

Every Loving thought is true.

Only Love is real and love is yourself. You will be content only with your reality.

25. There is nothing to fear25. There is nothing to fear 

If you feel afraid, then you must understand that you are afraid of nothing. In this awareness you are healed. Everything of which you have been afraid is based on nothing.

You will never lose your way, for God leads you. This dream world is an illusion that is not real. False ways and false images are not real, but only figments of the imagination.

Fear is not real, because fear is based on illusions. Don't be afraid of illusion. Fear lies not in reality, but in the minds of children who are asleep, and do not understand reality. It is only the lack of understanding that frightens you. When you know, then you are not afraid.

Replace fear with Love. Replace your dream of separation with the fact of unity, for union is true.

When you understand the perfect love in you, then how can you be afraid? Your perfection is already accomplished.

Whenever you become angry with a brother for whatever reason, you are believing that your worldly personality is to be protected, so you want to attack. Those who attack or become angry at the attack from another, are needy. They need understanding of who and what they are. They need to know Love. Those who attack or are angry are really crying out for help.

Depression and anxiety is caused by identifying with something false. The ego of the worldly personality is false.

If you are afraid, its because you saw something that is not there; something unreal.

Only Love is real. Therefore, there is nothing to fear.

Love removes guilt simply through the calm recognition that guilt has never really existed, and is only a figment of illusion and fear.

Egotism and pride urges you to defend yourself and attack, and this causes you to be afraid.

26. Giving and sharing is your divine nature

Give without limit and without end, so you can learn how much God has given you. As you awaken your brother you also awaken. God demands nothing from you. God gives and does not take. You are like this, for you are part of God. Every child of God has truth within to give to his brethren. Your brother's enlightenment is your enlightenment. You share heaven. You live together and love together. Everyone you help to find understanding brings the remembrance of your Father closer to your awareness.

Your brethren are asking you for Love. Help your brother to remember his glory, for his forgetfulness is yours, and your remembrance is his. The enlightenment of your brother is the enlightenment of yourself. All of God's children must share the same awareness of Love.

Sickness is a call for health and Love, so offer your brother the Love that he believes he cannot offer himself. Love is the only remedy. You will be made whole as you make your brethren whole.

Your only function is to help enlighten your brethren with the light of love, and at the same time yourself. Your peace lies in fulfilling your only function. When you have accepted your mission to extend peace by giving love, you will find peace. All good teachers want to give all they have, by teaching their students all they know. Love teaches you that, when you meet others you always meet yourself, and the encounter is holy because you are.

Your function is to enlighten your brethren concerning their perfection and their oneness with you. Your function is to end the dream of separation and illusions of guilt. Your function is to comfort those who are afraid and feel the anxiety of guilt. Your function is to dispel the illusions of pride and egotism, by knowing their unreality, and realizing their nothingness.

Exempt no one from love. Offer total love to everyone.

27. Someday You Will Understand Your Perfection

We will awaken to our oneness and unity and perfection of Divine Love. Do not be afraid to look within. For within- you will see light. God knows Himself and He knows the Truth in you. Within you is perfect innocence. Look upon the light within you. Love is within you. The moment you realize that guilt is insane, unjustified and without reason, you will look within and see your perfection. Understand yourself. For therein is Love's meaning. You will surely have a gentle awakening and open your eyes to reality, when you no longer desire to dream of separation.

Inward within you is Heaven and sanity. For inward you are perfect. Within is stately calm and Holy stillness. God is one with you, and has always been.

You must rise above any teaching or doctrine that keeps you in fear. You must overcome all doubts about your goodness and perfection. Don't let anyone or anything destroy your knowledge and understanding of your divine reality.

Sin and guilt are not "real". They are only illusions of the worldly mind and ego. You must understand that you are wonderful and perfect. You have not "failed" nor disappointed God. You have never made God unhappy.

People in the world try everything to lift their self-esteem. Executives take courses and read books about improved self-esteem. Musicians feel great self-esteem when they receive applause during a concert. Christians tell others about all the things they have done for the Lord, and this gives them a good sense of self-esteem.

What does the Lord need from you? Does the Lord need your money? Does the Lord need you to teach others about the Bible? Does the Lord need you to witness for Him?

If you had been born with a birth defect and never able to walk or to speak, does that mean you did nothing for the Lord? Even though you gave no money to the church, or taught no one about the Bible, or gave no verbal witness for the Lord, your life was not less than the greatest preacher or teacher that ever lived. God does not rank or compare His children. God knows that all of His children are perfect. Everyone is God's child.

If you cannot see your perfection or the perfection of all your brethren, its because you are trying to earn your way to Heaven, and you are thinking from the illusions of the ego. You are thinking worldly thoughts of competition. You do not know yourself or God, until you can see the perfection of yourself and all of God's children.

The Lord needs nothing from your ego and never will. You need something from the Lord. You need awareness of the Truth. The Truth of your divine reality and eternal perfection.

Don't be afraid of God. As long as you believe in sin and guilt and the punishment of hell, then you fear God. You cannot believe that God is kind and good as long as you believe that He would put people in hell. Hell is an illusion of those who are confused about God and themselves.

God is Love and you are Love. All else is only illusion and confusion. Imperfection and guilt is illusion. Everything except Love is illusion. Stop believing in illusions. You can remove all illusions by understanding their unreality. Only Love is Real. You are Love.

28. See no one as guilty

See your brethren without the illusions of guilt and sin. By seeing your brother without the illusions of imperfection you release him from his illusions. Since you and your brethren are one, you share in his release. See everyone without the illusions of the past. See no one as guilty.

There is no guilt in you; this is the truth of loveThere is no guilt in you; this is the truth of love.

Devote yourself to the denial of guilt in all its forms. To accuse your brother is not to understand.

Acknowledge the guiltlessness of all. The release from the illusions of guilt includes everyone. See no one as outside the circle of love and peace. Cast no one out. See no one as guilty. Condemn no one to loneliness. Dispel the illusions of guilt and fear.

The past is nothing, for the past is gone. Your guilt is nothing, for it is based on past illusions.

Love holds nothing against anyone.

Release your brothers from the slavery of their illusions, by forgiving them for the illusions you perceive in them. If you lack faith in anyone, then you have been faithless to your brother. However, even this lack of faith is only illusions, because in reality you love your brother.

See yourself and all your brethren free of the past.

Only the egotistical and arrogant seek to remove guilt, they try to cleanse themselves from guilt, making what is unreal seem real.

You cannot be proud and arrogant and understand that you are guiltless.

The ego and the pride of a man cause everything "bad", and everything "wrong" that has ever been done. The ego and pride of man is not something "real", but only a false thing of the world. The "real" you is forever humble and perfect. Guilt belongs to the pride and ego. There is no reason to worry about something that is not "real". All the illusions of guilt and error will vanish, because they are not real.

Only the ego and pride of the worldly personality finds fault and sees error in everyone.

29. See only Love

The power of Love is tenderness, graciousness and gentleness. You love your brother with a perfect love. Look upon yourself and your brethren with Love. See the beauty and wonderfulness within yourself and your brethren.

Your brother asks you for Love. By giving him Love, you see the beauty of Love in him.

Love calls you and you will answer. Love always answers. Love your brethren as a father or mother loves their own children.

Remember how much you love your brethren. You love all of your brethren equally.

The truth of Love shines in you, and as it shines in you, your brothers see it, and realize that this Light is Divine. They see in you more than you can see in yourself.

Love gives equal blessings to all.

Recognize love in your brother, and know that everything else is nothing but a call for love. Everyone seeks for love as you do. No substitute will satisfy you. Only Your Father's Love can satisfy your longing, and fill your sense of emptiness.

You know not what Love means, because the illusions of pride and egotism have caused you to value Love too little, and not see the magnitude of Love. Love dwells in you, and is you. You are host to all love. There is no substitute for Love. Free of the past, you see that you are love.

The whole idea of sacrifice is solely the making of the ego, it is of pride and worldly thought.

Exclude no one from Love's union; see them without the stigma of the past illusions of guilt.

Have faith in Love, for love has faith in you.

Awareness of your Love is freedom from illusions. Whenever illusions seem to frighten you remember, Love is not fear.

30. Don't believe in the illusions of the world

Do not let the illusions of guilt and sin conceal your glorious reality. Illusions are not real, and time is not real, for time is also an illusion. Therefore, they have never "really" existed. Although you seem to be isolated unto yourself, in truth you never been isolated. Lingering in time is lingering in the illusions of unreality. That means you have been no where. You dwell not here in this illusionary world, but in eternity. You travel but in dreams and illusions, while safe at home.

No one finds himself ravaged and torn in endless battles if he perceives them as without meaning. The ego and pride that brings guilt and thus battles, is not real. The opponent is unreal. The imagined "enemy" is totally unreal, it is only your own ego.

Your wildest: misperceptions, illusions, and nightmares all mean nothing, for in reality they are nothing. You will forget the illusions, because they never really existed. This is an insane world of illusion, but do not underestimate the extent of its insanity.

Be not attached to the unreal things of the world. If you value one thing made of nothing, you have believed that "nothing" can be precious, and that the untrue is true.

The resurrection is the symbol of the release from the illusions of guilt. There is no illusion that the light of love will not dispel. The truth of love will make the falsity of guilt obvious. The Bible was written to separate you from the unreal ego. Your fear of death will be replaced with the joy of life. Awareness of your glorious perfection will undo the false concepts of egotism and pride.

If you are totally free of fear of any kind, and if all those who meet or even think of you share in your perfect peace, then you can be sure that you have undone the illusions of pride and egotism.

In the illusions of the world, no one is totally aware that they are perfect love. In this world of illusion, everything fails to satisfy.

Nothing real exists apart from God; all else is only illusion and figments of the imagination. Every fantasy that delays you from awakening is but a call for help from you to God. God does not see your illusions of mistakes, nor thinks of them as real. You should do likewise for yourself and your brethren. Offer release, peace and gladness. Remove from your thoughts all illusions of pride, guilt, and separation.

You do not dream when you love your brother as yourself and realize your oneness. What the world judges as failure is not failure, and what the world judges as success is not success.

31. The World is Nothing

Do not believe that "nothing" can make you content; it is not so. There is nothing of value in the world, except love.

Your reality does not change.

The worldly mind is concerned with outward appearances, and is incapable of understanding anything internal. As long as you perceive the body as your reality and not see the true reality of your spirit, you will feel lonely.

Love not the world nor the things of the world, for these are not real; be not deceived into believing in their reality or permanence. And don't be afraid or concerned when they decay and vanish.

A relationship is the joining of thoughts. Think not of bodies, but of minds and spirits. Lack of faith in the spirit leads you to illusions.

Truth is from Love. Illusion is unreal and never was. Illusion has no permanence or value. You will never find true happiness in the unreality of the world. Within your spirit there are no limits, for you are infinite and eternal.

Realize that your body and time are not real, and that they are only illusions. You are a spirit of love, and you cannot be confined in a body nor by time. You are infinite and eternal. You are timeless.

You do not age nor decay. You are forever young. You are forever wonderful, pure, and perfect. Don't let the illusions of physical bodies, confuse you concerning your reality. Let your mind cross into reality and recognize that nothing at all, except love, is in the world.

Giving up the world is giving up nothing, because it is nothing.

32. We Enlighten One Another

As some torch bearer has brought you light, you too must carry a torch and bring light to others, and they too must carry a torch, so all may awaken from their dreams of separation.

The light in you will awaken your brethren.

Teach others that whatever they may try to do to you, they cannot harm you, and teach them that they are guiltless.

Teach everyone the Love of God that you comprehendTeach everyone the Love of God that you comprehend, for they need your awareness. Everyone will be touched by you. Give perfect Love.

Everyone has a special part to play, but the message given to each one is always the same; "God's Son is guiltless". Everyone teaches the message differently, and learns the message differently. Until you teach and learn that: God's children are guiltless, your true function remains unfulfilled.

Be a happy learner and teacher of innocence. Bring innocence to light.

Everything is for the purpose of release from the illusions of guilt. Teach only release from the illusions of guilt. From everyone whom you accord release from guilt you will learn your innocence.

Bring your brethren into perfect peace, by teaching them their innocence and purity, which they have forgotten. Remember for everyone the perfection and purity within.

Remember that you learn not for yourself alone, but for all your brethren, because you share the same oneness. Learn what is yours and jointly your brother's. You share the same self with your brothers.

Bring your brothers to the awareness of reality. Give your faith to your brother. Everyone is awaiting you to awaken them, and depending on you. We are joined as one in one purpose, and of one mind.

Be grateful to your brothers and happiness will come to all. Let the awareness of love awaken you. Share the light of love with your brother, whom you love. You cannot receive enlightenment alone, nor can your brother without you.

33. Your Awakening Has Already Been Accomplished

That which seems to be in the future, has already been accomplished. Your awakening has already been accomplished.

You are dreaming a dream of separation from heaven, but your dream is not real. You cannot be separated from your reality.

Every fear or pain or trial you have, has been undone. The Holy Spirit has brought all of them to light and recognized they never were.

The Holy Spirit frees you from a past that is only illusion and never really was.

The past that you remember never was, and represents only the denial of what always was.

Truth releases you from everything that is not.

All of your illusionary problems have been solved already.

Everything God wills is not only possible, but has already happened, not in time or the past, but in eternity. The past is gone.

Your innocence is already there.

 34. You Are In Need Of Nothing

When you have learned what you are, you will make no more substitutes to offer yourself, for you will know you are complete, in need of nothing.

Do not believe in limits.

You are everywhere, and you have everything, forever. Therefore, the concept of "where you are" has no meaning. And the concept of "what do you own" has no meaning.

All knowledge must be yours, for in you is all knowledge. God contains all knowledge. And every aspect or part of God contains all the attributes of God.

You need no healing, because your perfection is unchanged. This dream world of illusion does not change your reality and perfection.

You are God's child and have no need of earning or gaining anything. You have everything. All things are yours. Heaven is yours. This is your reality. You do not have to strive to gain or achieve it. It is already yours. You cannot lose it. You have nothing to fear nor to seek for.

The Love of the Father and His Son is complete, for it asks for nothing, because everyone has everything.

If you want to thank God for something, then thank Him for the awareness of your perfection, for this is all that is important in the world.

35. Receive Everyone, For Everyone Is Your Brother

When you welcome everyone to you, as your Father in Heaven welcomes you, you will see no guilt in yourself or anyone.

If you receive and accept the light, you do so for your brothers also.

Receive and give perfect communication, and recognize that all minds are in communication.

In seeing the wholeness of your brother you will see your own.

The Holy Spirit teaches you to hold all of your brothers in your mind; and you will be complete.

We are one, and cannot give or receive separately.

In your wholeness, all are invited and made welcome.

36. You Are God's Son

God's Sons' shining purity is bright within you. You are God's Son. In Love of God's Son is your guiltlessness.

The Son of God is not separate, but one. The children of God is the Son of God. We are the Son of God. Remember this: The Son of God is not guilty.

Have perfect faith in yourself, for you are God's Son, but this faith cannot be as long as you believe in guilt.

Know that you are not separate. You are not alone. You are one. You have a composite identity.

Do not limit love to part of the Sonship. You are not alone.

We share our faith in God's Son.

To understand and know Jesus is to understand and know Jesus in everyone, including yourself.

Your dreams of separation have had no effect at all. You are perfect forever. God's Son is one forever. All of your brethren are one with you. All are one--in and with God.

All of the end-time events that are mentioned in the Bible, refer to the ego's struggle to maintain an apparent existence. The real you is the Son of God. The ego is only an illusion of you. The death, disaster, and trouble mentioned in the Bible, all refer to the things of pride and ego. The real you is perfectly safe. Nothing real can be threatened or harmed.

The end of time is merely your awakening and the awakening of all your brethren, from their dreams of separation. It is the end of the illusions of pride and egotism. Since time and the ego are not real, therefore nothing real has been lost. When illusions vanish, nothing really has happened.

37. You Have No Need To Improve Or To Sacrifice

There is no reason to torture yourself with endless rituals or racking your brain memorizing things. You have no reason to sacrifice or punish yourself. Don't restrict yourself or condemn yourself to suffering.

You must understand that you are perfect now, and you have always been perfect. Your spiritual self is your real self. Your worldly personality seeks endless improvement, and trys to impress others. This is vain and useless. You are already perfect and cannot be improved. You must love yourself and be good to yourself.

You will awaken to love and affection, and know that you are loved. You are not inferior, nor imperfect. You are a wonderful infinite spirit of love.

How can the perfect be improved? You are perfect. You are infinite and eternal. Enjoy your forever. Awaken to your reality.

38. We Are Not Separate

Sleeping children, dreaming of separation and competition, imagine that they are different from their brethren, and judge others as being better or worse than themselves.

You are one with your brethren. All of your brethren are within you, and you are within all of your brethren. All the affections, thoughts, desires, and aspirations of all your brethren are within you. All men are your brethren. No one is better or worse.

The Bible tells us that, Jesus Carried all of our sins, in his body on the tree. This is because we are all within Jesus, and Jesus is within all of us. All of our sins (which are only illusions) are shared. We share one another's illusions and thoughts, because we are spiritually one.

For this reason, we certainly can never condemn another, for anything. We cannot elevate ourselves above our brethren, nor be superior to any brother. We are not separate from one another, and are certainly not better or worse.

Jesus carried all of our illusions (insanities), in His body on the tree. For He is the composite of us all. But we too, are composites of all our brethren. That is why Jesus said, We must take up our cross and follow Him. We share (carry), the burden of all the illusions of our brethren.

There is a song that says, "Must Jesus bear the cross alone, and all the world go free? No, there's a cross for everyone and there's a cross for me." This means that everyone is a composite being, containing all the illusions of our sleeping brethren. And all of your brethren carry the burden of your illusions.

We carry the burden of one another's illusions (insanities). Taking up our cross, means we endure and suffer one another's insanities. That's why no one is superior nor inferior to another.

We awaken together, from the dream of separation. We awaken one another to our joint reality and eternal perfection. But while sleeping brethren sleep, we share the burden of one another's illusions. You cannot raise yourself above your brethren, without taking your brethren with you. For all of your brethren are always with you. The most hated criminal has done nothing that you do not share. The most praised humanitarian has done nothing that you do not share.

You are not alone; you awaken not for yourself alone, but you awaken with all your brethren.

Sleeping brethren must not be condemned, and this includes yourself. Illusion of guilt are not real, but only figments of the imagination. Therefore, they have no importance or reality. Nothing in the world has any real importance. That's why we must not love the world nor the things of the world, because they are only illusions and have no reality. The world is only a virtual reality, a mirage of something, but actually nothing. Nothing that happens in the world has any "real" importance. Illusions and figments of the imagination, which contain fear and guilt and confusion, cannot affect your glorious reality, nor change your eternal perfection.

Only oneness and Love is real, and all the illusions of separation are unreal.

When you have compassion on your brethren, then you are also having compassion on yourself and everyone. Loving one is loving all. That is why it has been said, "All the love you have given, is really meant for you."

Spiritual oneness of brethren is true; separation of brethren is false.

When you see your brother or sister, you are seeing, "your other self."

When you look at your brother, do not think of one person, but think of many. For your brother is a composite being, as you are, containing all the thoughts and affections of all the brethren.

We owe appreciation to all of our brethren for the lessons they teach us. Every brother teaches you an important lesson. And all the lessons are concerning oneness, love, and the wisdom to know yourself.

The poor, handicapped, mentally ill, and even the cruel and harsh teach us important lessons.

Without the poor, how could we learn about charity and compassion?

Without those who do us apparent wrongs, how could we learn to forgive?

All of our brethren teach us lessons, and what is even more interesting, everyone has chosen the: life, lessons, and messages that they teach. What could be the ultimate lesson?

When we learn, not only to forgive, but to appreciate those who oppress us and "crucify" us, in one way or another; appreciate them for teaching us to forgive; then we are ready to graduate from this dimension, and understand our divine reality.

39. The Churning of the Ego

All the laws of the world were created and are enforced by men full of pride and egotismAll the laws of the world were created and are enforced by men full of pride and egotism. That is why punishment and retribution (revenge), with all of it's insanity, is built into the law. The law is based on revenge. Revenge is egotistical and insane.

If someone rebels against the oppression and injustice in the world, and they do something that can be construed as "against the law", the entire world will condemn that person and demand their punishment. If someone reacts to the insanity of the world, the world, with all it's laws, will find a way to punish that person. The ego of the world demands punishment. Is this not insane?

For example:

Suppose someone, full of pride egotism and insanity, oppresses you with words and actions, until you react. Suppose you react by lashing out against your oppressor, suppose you attack and kill your oppressor! The world and all of it's laws will become your enemy and demand your punishment. The world does not care about your reasons for reacting, but only about your doing something, "against the law". The police, judges, media, politicians, friends, and relatives, will all approve of your being put in jail and punished, even with the death penalty. Because you did something, "against the law". Your "breaking the law", has justified your punishment (in the minds of the egotistical), regardless of the, oppression, torment, or suffering that provoked your action. This is the insanity of the laws of the world. It only looks at outward appearances, and not inward to the cause. Because if it did, it would see that the law itself, is based on a cycle of punishment and revenge, thus on insanity. Revenge is insane.

This entire process of oppression, reaction, punishment for actions, thus revenge, can be referred to as, "The churning of the ego".

Pride and egotism is like one dark cloud of insanity, that covers the minds of men. Just as dark storm clouds up in the sky, seem to boil and churn, so does the pride and egotism in the minds of men churn about, and causes all oppression, reaction, and then punishment for these actions. This "churning", is only insane movements of egotism. Because, egotism has no direction, or purpose, but only churns about, trying to prolong it's existence.

The world is so fascinated with courts and trials. The media loves to find "criminals" and to cover trials. The news is full of stories of crime and murder. All of this is "the churning of the ego".

 This is why countries feud and fight without ceasing. Pride and egotism causes the cycle of violence to continue. Revenge and retribution continues. Look at the Palestinians and the Jews; revenge after revenge. Look at the Catholics and Christians in Northern Ireland; revenge after revenge. This entire cycle of violence is only, "the churning of the ego". The egotism in the minds of men causes all these cycles of violence.

Jesus never reacted to his oppressors. They spit on Him, hit Him, Mocked Him, and falsely accused HIm. He knew that by reacting to their provocations, would only cause them to feel justified in their oppression. They would feel vindicated.

Jesus had no reaction, He was totally nonviolent, with humble silence. He knew the egotism and it's insanity in the minds of men. Pilate saw the humility of Jesus and said, "I find no fault in this man". Pilate then washed his hands to indicate the same thing. But the pride and egotism of the Jewish leaders had been hurt. And they demanded punishments for "breaking the law". This shows how insane are the laws of the world, and how insane are those who enforce the laws of the world. "The churning of the ego", is the revenge factor.

If you hurt someone's pride, then they cannot rest until they get revenge on you. Even if all you did, was tell them the Truth concerning their own pride and egotism. Because that is all Jesus did.

Thus, all the laws of the world, with it's system of punishments, is only, "the churning of the ego". All the revenge, and feuding of countries and religions is only, "the churning of the ego". All the oppression in the world, by an individual or by groups of men is only, "the churning of the ego".

Like dark storm clouds that boil and churn about in the sky, with no direction, the egotism and pride of the world churns about, and does all insane things.

Heavenly thought is not based on revenge, but on Love. Love gives wisdom and sanity.

40. Heaven is waiting for you

Are you ready to make the transition from the world of illusion to eternal reality?

Heaven is your real home and awaits your awakening. When you finally grow tired of worldly: ambitions, fame, or fortune, then you will be ready to awaken. You will gradually realize that the things of the world did not and cannot make you happy, or fill your sense of emptiness. You will never feel at home in the world, because it is not your home and can never be your home. The world is only a temporary illusion, it is not eternal, it has no permanence. You cannot be satisfied with any dead dimension of unreality.

After you have seen that the world gives you no real fulfillment, then you will stop seeking the "things" of the world. You will realize that pride and egotism is nothing, and leads to nothing. You will know that the world is nothing. You will detach yourself from the things of the world that have attracted you, and you thought important. You will grow tired of the world. You will realize that the things of the world are meaningless.

When you have no desire to do anything in the world, then you will be ready to awaken to Heaven. When you learn that nothing you do in the world has any "real" meaning, then you will grow tired of doing those things.

You will long to awaken to true love and eternal innocence. You will desire to awaken from the world of illusion, to your glorious reality, your eternal reality. You will have no regrets in leaving the body, or the world behind, and realize that you are leaving nothing behind, for it is nothing. You will not identify with the body, nor believe that it is the "real" you. You will understand that Heaven is everything, and that heaven is where you belong.

Heaven is your only home, and has always been your only home. Heaven is abiding in your Father's Divine Love. Surely you know that your Father loves you.

You will awaken from this world of illusion, to the truth of love.

Don't worry, because you are watched over by Angels of Love. Your awakening in Heaven is absolutely certain.