The Need for a Thought System


First: Anything that can be explained in human language or words, is only a tiny bit of the truth, or reality of the issue. In Other words, The Whole Truth about anything… cannot be fully explained in human language.

Even this page you are now reading, is only a tiny bit of the Infinite Truth and Infinite Wisdom.

Truth and Wisdom is Infinite. It cannot be comprehended fully. The sum of all Truth and Wisdom cannot be measured, or fully understood.


What is a thought system?   It is the all things you believe in. It is all the doctrine you understand and live by. It is all the principles in your mind that you live by. It is all the thoughts that guide and direct you. It is your understanding of all that is right and wrong. 

The thought system allows a person to function within society and the community. All the understanding a person has (or think they have)… their thought system.

So why do we need a thought system?

The reason is: without a thought system, a person is overwhelmed and bewildered by the magnitude of Infinite Truth and Wisdom. A thought system brings down a portion of Infinite Truth and Wisdom into a person’s mind and allows them to function and be happy, within… what they believe to be True.

A person’s thought system is a subset (part)…. of the infinite Truths and Infinite Wisdom.

The Thought system within your mind.…protects you from total confusion - and gives you thoughts to believe in..…..  and to live for.

Without water..…we die of thirst. We have to drink water to live. However, we cannot drink too much water.

We drink the amount of water, that we need to live. Water is like our thought system. We all need the amount of understanding and Wisdom that we need to live. Infinite Truth and Infinite Wisdom is like an Infinite Ocean of Water. We take the amount that we need to live…..but we cannot drink it all..... we cannot know it all.

We need Truth and Wisdom to keep from dying from mental thirst.

We must never think - that we know it all. We must be humble and be aware…. that there are Infinite Things that we do not know.

Be happy with your present thought system….and continue to do good and function and believe the things you have been taught and given.

Drink the amount of Truth and Wisdom that you are able. And be satisfied……. and be grateful and happy.

Jesus gives us a thought system to live by. Jesus gives us water to drink.

Jesus gives us the Truth and Wisdom that we need to function.

 Jesus shares his understanding with us. Giving us good thoughts to live by.


And yet...…we must be humble and do not think that we know it all.