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1Comfort Your Brethren

2. The Amazing Timing of the Lord

3. Just Love and Don't try to understand why

4. Peace is in the Heart and of the Heart

5. I Wanted the Sacred Heart of Jesus

6. Would you like to become Spiritually Divine?

7. Let not your Heart be troubled.

8. What do I think of-- when I think of Jesus ?

9. Oneness

10. Don't be confused, You are truly Loved


1Comfort Your Brethren

We love one another, therefore, we must comfort one another.

Bless your brethren with forgiveness, and compassion. Help them to know that you love them. Don't let anxiety or fear continue. Your brethren need your thoughts of love and your prayers. Ask God to bless your loved ones, who are burdened with troubles and worries.

Everyone is your loved one. Everyone is your brother. Love and pray for everyone. Have mercy on everyone. Let your blessing be upon everyone.

Anxiety and fear are terrible. You need to restore the peace of mind of your brethren. You need to relieve their anxiety and fear. Tell them that you love them, no matter what they have done. Tell them that the past is gone, and doesn't matter. Tell them that God loves them.

It's very very important to reassure others, that they are not "bad". This is the most important thing in the world. See their eternal goodness and tell them that they are "good". Don't let the things that have been done in the past, affect your love for everyone.

If you can love and forgive everyone, then you are blessed with heavenly wisdom. Relieve your brethren. Comfort your brethren. Reassure your brethren. Give your brethren peace.

Tell your brethren - "I'm sorry for thinking you were 'bad'. I'm sorry, I held something against you". Let the Love within you bless everyone with peace.

If someone has cheated you- love and comfort them, because they need love and comfort. If someone has hurt your feelings and made you feel inferior or embarrassed- seek no revenge, seek to comfort and relieve their fear. Show them that their actions don't matter. Show them that you will continue to love them, no matter what!

If someone speaks terrible things about you or slanders your name- please don't be upset. Don't take your love away from that person. If they are confused, then help them to see love. Give them love anyway. Comfort them anyway. A little child needs much love and compassion. A little child needs comfort. You and your brethren are little children, although you may not see it or know it.

Be so loving, that everyone is amazed at your forgiveness and compassion. Make them understand that your love is eternal. Make them understand that you will always love them. Comfort them from the heart. They can feel your love. They can feel your forgiveness. They can feel your compassion.

Bless everyone with your great love. Restore their remembrance of their innocence. Restore their happiness.

See no fault in anyone. Don't dwell on the negative.

A little child stumbles and falls many times before it learns to walk. Some children take much longer to learn to walk than others. Some of your brethren will take a life time, before they learn to "walk" the good way. While they are learning, we must be patient and loving. We must never point out their shortcomings. We must always give them courage and confidence. We must always believe in them. We must always have faith in them.

Why must we always believe in them and have faith in them? Because you Love them!

Now you know how to comfort your friends, neighbors, and brethren? Now you know how to comfort everyone.

2. The Amazing Timing of the Lord

Have you ever been amazed at the way events happen in your life. Have you ever wondered at the timing of things. We meet people at the right time. We get finances at the right time. We escape apparent danger at the right time.

Solomon wrote- "There is a time for every purpose under Heaven." This is true for you.

You were born at the exact time, meant for you. So you could bless your family, at that particular time. Just when your family needed a blessing from Heaven- you were born.

The timing of the Lord is wonderful and amazing. His Divine Providence always is "on time".

All the events of your life have been Timed in sequence. Not one event, has ever been by chance.

Even your spiritual enlightenment is "Right on schedule". Everything in your life has always been "Right on schedule".

You may not know why, certain events happened, when they did. You may not quite understand God's Timing. But, think deeply about things, from a spiritual mind. You will see that, it was perfect timing, and "It was meant to be".

It should give you great peace of mind to know that every thing in your life is being watched over, with Divine Love. The Hebrew children had to wander in the wilderness, for a certain time.

But, when the time was right, the whole nation crossed over Jordan.

The same is true of you and me. We must wander in vanity, for a certain time, But, when the time is right, the Lord will lead you to your eternal home.

The Lord is providing for your eternal happiness. The Lord will not be late. Because, you are his Divine Perfect Child of Love. Your eternity is joy and peace. The Lord will make sure of this.

Trust in God's Love to see you through, and be Right on Time.

3Just Love and Don't try to understand why


All doctrines in this world are as nothing. Every teaching of every religion, including the teaching you are reading now is of the worldly intellect, and therefore nothing.

The world is nothing, and everything in the world, including all the teaching, and understanding that you think you have received in the world.

Therefore, this writing is as nothing. Temporary things, including doctrines, teachings, and philosophies, are nothing.

Therefore, the question becomes: What is important? What has any meaning?

Things of the heart are important and have meaning, but not the things of the intellect.

Things of the heart include: All the virtues of Love and Goodness. Things that the mind cannot "really" comprehend. Can you comprehend Divine Goodness, Divine Humility, and Divine Meekness? Can you comprehend Divine Wisdom, Divine Holiness, and Divine Love?

No, you cannot comprehend the things of the heart. Your mind can make attempts to explain these things, and even write many books on these wonderful things, but all of your attempts are as nothing. All of the books ever written explaining the things of the heart, are nothing.

How can you comprehend Divine Love or Divine Wisdom? How can you comprehend infinite and eternal Goodness. What is Divine Humility?

The mind and the intellect cannot grasp or comprehend the "Real" things, but only shadows and images of real things. That is why you must believe with your heart, not your head. That is why you must trust and have faith in God's Love, with your heart.

You cannot understand the magnitude of God's Love with your intellect. All of your thinking and reasoning is nothing. Stop searching for God in your thoughts and in your intellect. You will never comprehend God with your concepts and your learning. No church or religion can teach you or give you the "Real" Divine Truths that your heart longs for. They all make attempts, but all fail. They are only temporary.

Seek God with your heart, not with your head. Don't try to "figure" out the things of God. You can never even figure out your own self, how can you hope to figure out God.

Your heart must hold the faith and trust in God's Love. Say to everyone, "I Love You". Why do you Love everyone? You can reason forever, and try to explain in many logical ways, but you will never "really" know why you Love everyone. Just Love them.

Your intellect is so faulty. It can find many reasons "Not" to Love others. It will tell you that others are no good, criminals, and law breakers. It will tell you that others practice false religion and are pagans. It will tell you that others don't obey the Bible. It will tell you that others are inferior to you. It will give you many false reasons not to love others. It will tell you, they have done you wrong, and need punishment. It will tell you that God is against them. Your intellect or rational mind is so faulty. Do not trust it.

Trust only in the Love within your heart.

God Loves you, WHY? Because, that's just the way it is.

Your heart will lead and guide you. Listen to your heart, not to any intellectual doctrine.

And, never judge a Church, or a Religion, or a person, because of their doctrines or teachings. Don't look at their rituals or beliefs as reason to exclude them from your affection and Love. Don't look at the outward appearances of their clothes, or even their pride and arrogance, as reason to exclude them from your affection and Love.

Let your heart love them; Why? Because, that's just the way it is. I really cannot tell you why, you should Love others, because that would be of the intellect, and the intellect can never comprehend why?

Don't try to understand why you Love them, just Love them. Just Love them. This is the only important sentence in all of these writings. Just Love them. Just Love them.

If you want to think of Jesus, that's fine. If you want to see Jesus in them, that's fine. What ever you want to do, that helps you to "really" Love them, that's fine. Just Love them.

Just Love them. Please my brother, Just Love them.

I believe in your Love.

4.  Peace is in the Heart and of the Heart

Your mind does not understand peace, nor can it explain or comprehend peace.

Your intellectual reasoning gives no "real" comfort and provides no "real" peace.

Peace comes from your spiritual union with Divine Love, and you cannot understand that Divine union. God is Divine Love, and the eternal union is in your heart, not in your head.

Peace is a feeling of oneness, in the heart, and is real, not a concept of the mind.

Peace is infinitely beyond all understanding and all thought. It is direct communion with your own essence, your own Divine Love, your Father.

Peace is yours because Divine Love is yours.

A new born baby does not and cannot explain to you anything about Peace and Love, but a new born baby feels peace and it feels your love.

You are the new born baby, you feel peace and love. All of your learning and education is nothing. The Love in your heart is your reality and your peace.

The Love in your heart is YOU.    The only you.

But it is more than YOU, it is also ME.

Don't you feel the oneness?

Peace my brother.

5I Wanted the Sacred Heart of Jesus


I wanted the Love of Jesus

and my heart was filled with His Love.


I wanted the Peace of Jesus

and my heart was filled with His Peace.


I wanted the Humility of Jesus

and my heart was filled with His Humility.


I wanted the Goodness of Jesus

and my heart was filled with His Goodness.


I wanted the Joy of Jesus

and my heart was filled with His Joy.


I wanted the Sacred Heart of Jesus

and my heart became His Sacred Heart.


I wanted the Sacred Blood of Jesus

and my blood became His Sacred Blood.


I wanted Divine Oneness with Jesus

and my heart became one with Jesus.


I wanted Holiness

and my heart was blessed with God.

6. Would you like to become Spiritually Divine?


What must you do to become Spiritually Divine? The answer will now be given to you.

Do you remember the first miracle of Jesus? He turned the water into wine. This miracle has a very deep meaning that you have not known before.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, told His servants, "Do whatever He tells you".

This is the key. Do what Jesus tells you. Jesus is the Word of God. Jesus is the Wisdom of God. Jesus is the Spirit of Truth.

The stone water jars represent you and me. When you do whatever Jesus tells you, the water within you will be turned into wine. This means that you will be made Spiritually Divine, when you do the things that Jesus has told us.


What has Jesus told us to do?

Love one another.

Forgive one another.

Have mercy on one another.

Be meek, gentle, and kind.

Be honest, and speak the Truth.

Turn the other cheek, when someone harms you, (meaning forgive them).

Don't do things for show, or outward appearance, (don't be proud).

Help the unfortunate or needy, (the story of the good Samaritan).

Have faith in God.

Wash one another's feet. (meaning be humble and help one another).


Jesus has told us, "The Words I speak to you, are Spirit and Life".

When you do what Jesus has told us to do, then you will become Spiritually Divine. Your water will turn into Wine.

This is truly a miracle, when you become Spiritually Divine.


Remember the words of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

"Do whatever He tells you to Do".

7Let not your Heart be troubled.


Jesus has told us the things we need to do and the things we must not do.

Jesus said, "Let not your Heart be troubled."

The Words that Jesus spoke are Spirit and Life. They give you the Eternal Truths of Love. The Words of Jesus are the Eternal Truths of Love.

The Eternal Truths of Love, which Jesus has spoken to us, protect us from confusion and false ideas. They protect us from insanity.

We must receive the Eternal Truths of Love and keep them in our Hearts and minds. We must obey and believe them.

Jesus was sent for the purpose of saving the world from darkness (confusion) and insanity.

The Words He spoke will not pass away, because they are Eternal Truths.

Jesus is the Word of God, made flesh. This is a mystery that the world has not known. The Divine Spirit of Eternal Truth (Jesus) was actually made flesh (became a man in the world).

While He was in the world, He spoke the Words to us, that save us. The Words of Truth, saves us from confusion and insanity. You are clean through HIS WORD.

Jesus gives us the Truth and the Truth sets us free from confusion and insanity. Confusion and insanity are all the things of: pride, arrogance, selfishness, greed, anger, and many other such illusions. Yes, they are illusions, because they are not "Real", they only seem real.

Only Love is "Real". God is Love. The Eternal Truths of Love are "Real" because Love is within them, and gives them their "Reality". Without Love there is nothing.

Paul wrote, "Though I understand all mysteries, and all knowledge, and have not Love, I am nothing."

Love is the only "Reality". Jesus is the Eternal Truth of Love, and contains Love within Him. Therefore He Lives by His Father (Love).

Jesus is one with the Father (Love). Divine Love and Divine Truth are one.

Divine Love is revealed or expressed by Divine Truth. Divine Truth makes known the Divine Love.

Jesus said, "Let not your Heart be troubled".

This Word of Truth means and implies the following:

You have to protect your heart from trouble.

You have to protect the peace in your heart from all outside dangers (confusion and insanity).

You have the obligation to protect your heart from trouble.

You have the duty to protect your heart from trouble.

Jesus has told us to be protectors of our hearts.

Things can trouble your heart, only if you let them.

Things can trouble your heart, only if you do not protect your heart. 

Do not let anyone or anything upset and confuse you.

Do not let the happiness in your heart be destroyed.

Do not let the joy in your heart be destroyed.

Do not let the peace in your heart be destroyed.

Jesus is giving us the Eternal Truths of Love. He is telling us, Be aware of dangers to your heart, and do not let these dangers trouble you. Your heart is precious. Jesus is warning us and telling us the things we must do to avoid heartache and fear and confusion.

God is telling us through Jesus, that He Loves us, and wants us to protect the peace and joy in our hearts.

Your heart can be troubled, only if you let it.

Don't let the things of the world upset you.

Don't let the illusions of wealth, success, pride, vanity, or materialism confuse you.

Don't let fear confuse you.

Don't let anyone frighten you, or make you afraid.

Don't believe in false doctrines, which only try to confuse you.

Does anyone upset you with their negative words, get away from them, and protect your heart.

Does the television upset you, turn it off, you have an obligation to protect your heart.

Does going to the Mall or a busy place upset you, then avoid those places, you have an obligation to protect your heart.

Does the confusion and noise in certain restaurants upset you, then avoid those places, you have an obligation to protect your heart.

Do certain foods trouble your heart, then avoid them.

Does any place make you unhappy, then avoid those places.

Does the news make you unhappy, then avoid the news; you have an obligation to protect your heart.

Your loved ones are also in your heart, you must therefore also protect them from the same troubles.

Your brethren are also in your heart, for we are members of one another, therefore you have an obligation to protect them from troubles.

If you protect your own heart, then you are protecting everyone, at the same time, because we are all members of one another (spiritually).

Protecting your heart from trouble, implies and means all these things.


Listen to Jesus, "Let not your Heart be troubled."


Love is the only doctrine, that you must believe, because God is Love.

The Words of Jesus, are the Words of God, sent to enlighten and save us from confusion.

Jesus said, "Let not your heart be troubled".


You must obey Jesus, and protect your heart from all potential trouble.

Jesus has spoke these Words to us, and we must receive them in our heart and then obey them.

The Words of Jesus are printed in the Bible in RED print. Because they are the Blood of Jesus. Remember this, The Spirit of Eternal Truth was actually made flesh (became a man in the world), therefore the blood of that man (Jesus) is the Divine Truths of the Spirit, which became flesh.

Washed in the Blood of Jesus means: Cleansed from confusion and insanity by the Divine Truths of Love. The Spirit of a man is in the blood.

The Words of Jesus, They are Spirit and they are Life.

There is Power in the Word of God. They contain the Truths of Love. Read them, believe them, and obey them. Because they are from Love, and Love sent them to you to make you happy and save you from confusion and insanity.

Peace my brother.  Peace to your Heart.

8. What do I think of-- when I think of Jesus ?


Do I think of Jesus as a baby, in a manger in Bethlehem?

Do I think of Jesus as a young boy, teaching in the temple?

Do I think of Jesus performing miracles of all kinds?

Do I think of Jesus Teaching on the Mount of Olives?

Do I think of Jesus on the Cross?

Do I think of Jesus resurrected from the tomb and glorified?

Do I think of Jesus sitting at the right hand of the Father in Heaven?


All of these things are wonderful and fine ways to think of Jesus, but the way I will always think of Jesus is the following way:

When I was tormented with: fear, loneliness, anxiety, and a troubled mind;

When I felt unclean and like a failure, full of sorrow, betrayed and friendless;

When I felt hopeless, painfully remembering all my terrible sins and unrighteousness.

When I cried out in my despair and pain, Jesus came to me and comforted my heart;

Jesus came to me and saved me from despair;

I will remember Jesus for "BEING THERE" all the times, when I needed Him most.

And for this I am eternally grateful.

Yes, this is how I think of Jesus. He was and is "THERE" when I need Him.

9.  Oneness


Don't think you are Holier than others.

Don't think others are Holier than you.

Don't think you are wiser than others.

Don't think others are wiser than you.

Don't think you are more humble than others.

Don't think others are more humble than you.

Don't think you are more virtuous than others.

Don't think others are more virtuous than you.

Don't think you are more sinful than others.

Don't think others are more sinful than you.

Don't think you are more beautiful than others.

Don't think others are more beautiful than you.

All of these things and many more are just comparisons.


You cannot but compare yourself with others, as long as you think you are separate from them. Your mind will not and cannot stop making comparisons, as long as you do not understand your composite oneness.

When you look in the mirror, you are looking at all of your brethren in one form, a composite form. You are looking at Jesus. Yes, you are Jesus. When you see your brother, you are looking at all brethren in one composite form, you are looking at Jesus.

Jesus is the vine- we are the branches. You are the branch of Jesus. Meaning you are the branch of God. When you look in the mirror or think "Who am I?" Think of a branch of Jesus, a branch of God. A branch of the vine, is still the vine. Without the branches, there is no vine?


Yes, Jesus is a composite of all the branches. He is a composite being. He is not a separate, not isolated unto himself, and not distant from others. He is composed of the branches. We are the members of him. Do you understand oneness?

You must think of yourself as a composite being, composed of all the brethren; because this is the truth. And as long as you do not realize this, you will be struggling with pride and comparisons.


You are not spiritually or mentally separated from all brethren.

You are not alone.

You cannot compare yourself with others, for you are all others in one form, and so are they.

You cannot be proud of yourself, for you are composed of infinite brethren.

All brethren are also composites of all brethren; Infinities of infinities.

Every person you see is a composite of infinite brethren. Their form does not matter, their reality is still oneness of all. If you see no beauty in them, how mistaken you are. If you see no value in them, how mistaken you are. If you see no equality, now mistaken you are.

You will continue to seek and question and search, until you understand the oneness of all.

You must lose your idea of "many", and remember the truth of "Oneself", all in all.

All of your thoughts, ambitions, desires, and intentions are for the common good of all.

You cannot be truly humble, until you realize your composite oneness with everyone.

You will always "rank" yourself and others, until you see the composite oneness of everyone.

You and your brothers "appear" as men and women; this is only an outward appearance; you are SPIRITUALLY ONE. Eternally ONE. All reality is in the face of every brother you see.

You cannot Love someone, unless they are already in your heart. And they are already in your heart, even though you do not know it. You Love them in your heart. We are one.

No one can Love you, unless you were already in their heart, and you are in their heart. We are one.

God Loves us, therefore we are in God's Heart, and God is in your Heart.

God is one. All for one and one for all.



The following verses from the Bible will show you the Truth of our Composite Oneness.


Mark 12:29 - And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:

John 10:30 - I and My Father are one.

John 10:34 - Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are Gods?

John 14:20 - At that day ye shall know that I am in My Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

John 15:5 - I am the vine, ye are the branches; he that abideth in Me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without Me ye can do nothing.

John 15:27 -And ye also shall bear witness, because ye have been with Me from the beginning.

John 17:18 - As Thou hast sent Me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.

John 17:23 - I in them, and Thou in Me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that Thou hast sent Me, and hast Loved them, as Thou hast Loved ME.

John 17:26 - And I have declared unto them Thy Name, and will declare it: that the Love wherewith Thou hast Loved Me may be in them, and I in them.

I Corinthians 12:12 - For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.

I Corinthians 12:20 - But now are they many members, yet but one body.

I Corinthians 12:27 - Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.

I Corinthians 12:28 - And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healing, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.


This is the mystery of union with God, the mystery of salvation, and tells us of oneness.

Colossians 1:27 - To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is CHRIST IN YOU, the hope of glory.

Colossians 3:15 - And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called IN ONE BODY, and be ye thankful.

Philippians 2:5&6 - Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.

Hebrews 2:11 - For both He that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified ARE ALL OF ONE: for which cause He is not ashamed to call them brethren.


"Verily, Verily I say unto you, if you have done it unto them, you have done it unto me."

Think about these words. They teach us about spiritual composites.

10. Don't be confused, You are truly Loved


Truth is a Spirit- it is Divine. Only the Spirit of Love (Jesus) is Real. The Spirit of Truth is real, because it is one with the Spirit of Love forever, and is from Love. the Spirit of Love is within the Spirit of Truth. If you receive the Spirit of Truth, then you also receive the Spirit of Love (Jesus)-- One forever. 

Confusion is a spirit of darkness (unclean spirit), it is unreal. But whether the spirit of confusion is real or unreal, is not the issue; you feel it within yourself, and it feels so terrible; with fear, anxiety, and torment. It must be removed! You must be saved from the spirit of confusion. Confusion cannot be understood.

If a man is confused, it is not only intellectual, but the spirit of confusion is actually within him. This spirit of confusion must be replaced by the Spirit of Truth .

Jesus came into the world to give us the Spirit of Truth, and thus overcome the spirit of confusion.

The Blood of Jesus, which Jesus shed for us and left in the world, is the Spirit of Truth (the Holy Spirit).

The spirit of confusion causes anxiety and fear, and doubt that you are loved. This is absolutely untrue.

The Spirit of Truth gives peace and reassures you that you are Loved, which is the absolute Truth.

That's why your salvation is in Jesus (the Spirit of Truth), because receiving the Spirit of Truth, blesses you forever with Divine understanding, and the Divine Spirit of Love (Jesus), which makes you know that you are eternally Loved.

Thus, you are freed from the spirit of confusion which held you bound, and in a spiritual, mental prison, deceiving you.

The Cross is a symbol of Divine Love. It makes you constantly aware that God Loves you, and would even shed his blood and die for you.  

The Truth that God Loves you is not just a thought or idea or concept; it is actually a Divine Spirit of Truth; which you can feel and receive. It is the Blood of Jesus. The Spirit of a man is in the Blood. The Blood of Jesus is the Holy Spirit- the Spirit of Truth. It has power and actually dwells in you and gives you Life, understanding, peace, joy. Thus it gives salvation from: grief, anxiety, sorrow, fear, and confusion (which is a spirit of darkness, that needs to come out of you).

Believe in God's Love, let the Cross constantly remind you that you are truly loved. Sanity is knowing that you are Loved. But, the only way to receive sanity is to receive the Spirit of Truth.

You cannot believe that God Loves you, unless you have the Spirit of Truth, actually in your heart and mind. You cannot believe in Jesus or that the Cross is a symbol of Divine Love, unless you receive the Spirit of Truth, actually within yourself, and become one with you.

Insanity is the spirit of confusion, which makes you doubt in love, and doubt that Jesus, or anyone else Loves you.

When you sin (and we all have), the spirit of confusion comes in you. Thus, you start having fear, guilt and anxiety. You will continue to have fear, guilt and anxiety, until the spirit of confusion, within you, is replaced by the Spirit of Truth (the Holy Spirit-- Jesus).


How do you receive the Spirit of Truth?

This question becomes: How do I be saved

Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins; ask in true sincerity and humility;

Ask Jesus to help you forgive anyone and everyone who has ever harmed you or sinned against you in any way.

Ask Jesus to give you the Spirit of Truth (which is the Holy Spirit-- Jesus), to Dwell within you forever. Thus, you are one with Divine Truth and Divine Love.

Ask Jesus to take away the spirit of confusion that has been in you. Be patient and wait upon the Lord.

You may- (depending upon your condition) need to walk a rough road, or endure many things, but this is all part of removing the spirit of confusion from you, and blessing you with the Divine Spirit of Truth (the Holy Spirit- Jesus), and the Divine Spirit of Love (Jesus).

The Spirit of Divine Truth and Divine Love, is forever one, in and with you. 

Peace be unto you. Always remember Jesus is Love, and Jesus truly Loves you.