These visions are not dreams, but really and truly spiritual visions. They are here, so that maybe you will identify with them, and be blessed.


1I was in Heaven and talked with the Angels


1I was in Heaven and talked with the Angels


This is a true story, as it actually happened, as God is my witness.

In Udorn Thailand in 1973, yourbrotherman was in the United States Marine Corps. I was alone in a room, listening to a Christian cassette tape, and feeling a certain longing within my heart.

As I listened to the music- suddenly I was in another place, a spiritual place. I was looking at divine spiritual beings, who appeared above me, and I appeared to be in a hole in the ground, looking upward out of the hole to a see a bright heavenly landscape, and divine spiritual beings, walking around in a heavenly world.

Their appearance was totally amazing. Their forms were golden orange in color, all of them the same color. They were transparent. I could see through their spiritual forms, and see the heavenly glowing landscape right through them. The heavenly landscape was glowing a light green, with trees and plants all around. No shadows at all, nor anything dark at all was seen.

Their spiritual forms were glowing, like they were made out of pure energy. Some were large in size and some smaller and some still smaller; Like Parents, teenagers and children on earth. But, they all glowed with divine light and energy. I saw no houses or buildings, just these divine beings and the divine landscape. They had no need of clothes, because they were made of pure energy, glowing. The features of their faces and bodies were radiating light. They were like silhouettes of pure divine energy.

They looked familiar to me. I can't explain it to you, but have you ever seen someone that you just know you have seen before, but you can't remember where or when. They knew me, and even called me by my name.

As I looked up from below their feet, out of what appeared to be a hole in "Their" ground, I longed to be there with them, and not down below them. I felt such peace and love radiating from them that I cannot describe it to you.

They were all gathered around this hole, in their landscape, which I was looking out of, and they seemed so excited with joy, just to see me. They were dancing around with joy and anticipation, looking down at me.

My thoughts were heard instantly by them, and their thoughts were heard instantly by me. I thought to them, which was exactly like talking to them. "I want to be up there with you. I want to be with you."

They thought to me, or they said, what ever you want to call it, "You can, just have faith, and you will be here".

I thought to them, "But I don't have a ladder to climb up out of here on". I felt like I needed a ladder to climb up on.

They thought to me again, "You can be here, just have faith, and you will be here".

I don't know what happened, but suddenly I was up out of the hole.

I was there on their level. I was there in their world and not down in a hole. My feet was on their ground and I was looking around, with total amazement.

I looked all around to see what I could see. I saw some of the smaller divine beings peeping out from behind larger divine beings. Something like a child hiding behind their mother's skirt and peeping around her to see a stranger. They were all totally transparent, like their forms were cut out of a golden rainbow.

I saw a larger one that was so familiar to me, which was about my size,  because we were eye to eye, and I got up very close to this divine being's face, and looked right into the face, for what seemed to be a long time. I thought or spoke to the divine being, "It seems I know you". "I really know you".

The divine being just radiated love and peace, but never told me where or how I knew.

Their facial features and body features were glowing like pure energy, and not like people on earth at all.

I was looking around the heavenly landscape and seeing the divine beings, and just to be in their presence was heavenly.

Suddenly I thought within myself, "If you stay here in this divine heavenly place; what about your mother on earth, and your loved ones on earth- they will miss you and they need your help". "They need to be told of this divine place, and all that you have seen".

Suddenly I was back in the room, in Udorn Thailand. My heart seemed to jump within my chest, like it had been stopped during the vision, and now restarted.

I sat there in total amazement, at what had just happened. I thanked God for the vision. I knew I could have stayed with them, but that my earthly body would have died in that room. I knew that my job on earth was not finished.

When I returned to the United States later in 1973, I related this vision, and other visions to my mother and entire family.

This is a true story, as it actually happened, as God is my witness.